#129 The Depressing Tone of Mists’ Dungeons

In my, still on going, quest to get to level 90 I decided to queue up for some dungeons to be a bit more efficient in getting EXP.

After completing the Jade Forest and the Shado-Pan Monastery instances I was starting to feel really sad, I was not getting the victorious feeling I was used to after each run.

These places in Pandaria use to be peaceful and then we caused the reawakening of the Sha with our war and here we are going back to these places to clean up our mess.

As a Political Science major I could draw so many similarities to the real world

But it was not why we were there that got to me, it was what the two major Shas said after we defeated them in the Jade Temple and in the Shado-Pan Monastery.

You cannot escape me. I am… in… every… breath… -Sha of Doubt

So long has violence lurks in your heart…I will return… -Sha of Violence

Those were the big bosses of the dungeons which we had to kill many of the civilians that were possessed by those negative emotions, not defeat with 1 hp, kill.

R.I.P Wise MariThanks to Wowpedia for the screenshot 

After all of that we do not get to kill the Sha they just retreat back where ever they came from. In fact they taunted us, saying that they would return from our future actions (actions like patch 5.1 for example).

I think that this is Blizzard’s answer to the player’s demand of having a dungeon or raid encounter where the player loses at the end of the encounter. If it is I hope they continue the theme of us ‘losing’ against the Sha throughout the rest of the expansion.

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3 responses to “#129 The Depressing Tone of Mists’ Dungeons

  1. Feels like I have been loosing the whole expansion so far…even farming. You know, I plant a seed and a bird comes down that wanted to eat the plant that I have to kill….I want to just let the bird eat it and plant another but no! Then I have to kill a bunch of deer…I go into the area and there are thousands of dead deer laying everywhere!

    I mean holy may, I’m a druid, this is supose to be a peaceful contenent and you make us kill thousands of deer every day!

    Seems to me that these panda’s have a whole bunch of deep dark secrets, they are not the peachy people i thought at first…if they were they likely wouldnt drink so much.

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