#126 Local politics and World of Warcraft

Yesterday as I was browsing the news I saw an interesting article that came across my feed. The headlines read,

Maine Candidate Attacked for … Playing World of Warcraft

I clicked through and found the website that caused all the controversy, which can be found HERE.

The page is an attack ad created by the republican party to discredit the Democratic state senator candidate, Colleen Lachowicz, by revealing to the voters the double life she has of playing a female orc rogue.

This relates to me personally because I am a candidate for State Representative for the neighboring state of New Hampshire (Hillsborough County #21) and I too play World of Warcraft (Shocking I know)

Lets look at these damning quotes, going into this situation with clear and unbiased eyes, to see what this Maine candidate has to say about her Azerothian adventure.

“So I’m a level 68 orc rogue girl. That means I stab things . . . a lot. Who would have thought that a peace-lovin’, social worker and democrat would enjoy that?!”

A simple introduction to her character,but if the republicans were planning on using the ‘nerd’ card against her, they are 2 decades too late.

“Yes, join us! We’re progressive… in fact we joke about being a socialist guild.”

Alright, congratulations to the Republican Party for finding a quote that can connect this candidate to the scary socialist word. But the word ‘Progressive’ was taken out of context since in Warcraft a progressive guild is not one who furthers the idea social ownership on Azeroth, but instead it just means that she’s in a Guild that progresses through difficult raiding content.

If I was bored, I would do my own research to see how socialist the guilds in World of Warcraft truly are. (Shared resources in the Guild Bank, subsidized gear repairing, and Guild objectives that offers rewards to the guild community itself if the players work together for the greater good)

“Do not send me a campaign contribution or I will have to stab you! Seriously!”


“Or my dream from election season last year where John McCain sat at my childhood dining room table and I reamed him a new a**hole about Sarah Palin.”

ahhh…. This is where the republicans are getting they ammunition from. It was probably not the best thing to say online, regardless of if she was even interested in going into politics at the time she was writing it.

Besides the previous comments, is there grounds to justify the republican party continuing this effort?

No, it was a petty attempt to embarrass Ms. Colleen based on comments she said on the internet.

This does make it a cautionary tale about how something you posted online can be revealed later in life, especially if you go into politics.

I usually don’t make concrete political promises online, but if Ms. Lachowicz wins her Maine State Senate race, and if I win my New Hampshire State Representative race I promise to reach across state and party lines, exchanging my Battlenet Battletag with other elected state and US officials in the Legislative Branch in order to create a nonpartisan United State Senate and Representative Lan Party and community throughout the nation.


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7 responses to “#126 Local politics and World of Warcraft

  1. It isn’t an accident that I blog and tweet anonymously. I work in an industry where WoW could be used against me on a couple of fronts. I would definitely share battletags with her, and support my fellow WoW player! Heck, I might have to send some $$$ to her campaign!!! (I’m a TX Repub. Don’t judge me!) 😉


    • Type online can be very risky, that’s why all of my posts that involve politics I make sure to stress that I am not bringing any of my political thoughts into the conversation.

      And while my Twitter does reflex my political views I always try to keep a professional, or at lest not disrespectful to the other political party.

  2. aqusinna

    I am Canadian!

  3. Firstly good luck with your candidacy to become State Representative. Sounds exciting. Regarding the story – certainly anyone “revealed” to be a player of WoW will face some ridicule & criticism in the wider world but in my view that then becomes an opportunity to educate people about the game – why you play, what you get out of it etc. and may encourage more people to be open. I talk about my gaming in work (although got some odd looks when I was getting a coffee the other day & talking loudly about the difficulties of being a warlock). I am open because (a) I struggle being anything but (my husband says I need to learn to have a filter between my thoughts & what I end up saying!) & (b) I hope it shows that I’m human & real despite the relative seniority of my role which could otherwise be a barrier. I think we need more real people in positions of authority in the real world 🙂

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