#125 The adventures of the USS Friendship

Back when I needed to pick up my preorder Mists of Pandaria expansion I had to grab a ride with my good gamer and ex-WoW friend to get to Best Buy.

While I was at the store something awesome happened, something I only heard about on the forms. I was able to persuade my ex-WoW friend to pick up this expansion and reactivate his Warcraft account because he saw how excited I was for Mists.

When he was at the checkout buying the expansion he turned to me and made me promised me that if he bought this game I had to level with him through Pandaria , he was worried that I would become ‘that guy’.

As he put it, ‘that guy’ is someone who said that he would level and quest with you and then Power levels his character behind your back when your not around, leaving you in the dust. Which was a proper concern since apparently he had been scorned by other ‘that guy’s.

Since I had two max level characters,  I agreed to dedicate my druid to exclusively play alongside his priest through  the Jade Forest.


Somewhere in this picture is me and my priest friend fighting against the other players to fight the sha.


As the week went on something unexpected happened. My priest friend went on leveling throughout the rest of the zone while I was logged off doing some IRL stuff. He became ‘That guy’ the one which he warned me not be become.


There’s a really good Batman quote about becoming the person you hate that I could use here…if only if I could remember it


This resulted the rest of our scheduled playtime in one of us trying to catch up to the other.

I could not be more happy for him, the fact that he is going ahead of me in the content is a sign that I am not just enjoying this game because I am a Warcraft fanboy, but because this is a good game, with good quests and a good story.



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3 responses to “#125 The adventures of the USS Friendship

  1. Eva Marie

    Hahaha ooooh THIS issue.

    I play WoW with my boyfriend and some other WoW buddies. Most of The Boyfriend’s toons are “paired” with mine – healer/tank combos the whole way. He has left two of his characters to level with mine and so far has stuck with the program! It’s nice actually – he’s already done so many of the quests on another toon, it’s more efficient when we quest together.

  2. aqusinna

    I get into the zone when questing, last night doing dailies I was dive bombing mobs (flying at them in flight form and moonfireing before hitting the ground) while in a group with a friend.

    After clearing an area my friend (whom was also in vent with me) mentioned that I didnt have to steal all the mobs he was trying to get…since we are in a group I would have gotten credit for the kills anyway.

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