#124 Partying like a Pandarian

Today’s a special day for me, this Monday I get to celebrate my 21st birthday! per tradition, I’m going to celebrate by drinking various types of brews.

But I am not going to chug all the watered down light beers I can get my hands on like some foolish typical  frat-boy student but instead I am going about it in a wiser sense, I am  going to  taking a leaf out of the Pandarians book and drink only the best stuff.

Like the Pandarians I am going out and scout out for different types of beers, searching for seasonal drinks and microbrews and appreciating the different ingredients that creates the distinct tastes in each drink. (I knew I was able to weave Warcraft into this birthday post)

I am going to make sure that the drinks will be consumed with friends to enhance the adventures. not to act as the adventure. Why hello Mom, I know you read this and Yes, you did well raising me

For my birthday present, I am going to form a group with my family and queue up for tour of the Budweiser brewery that is right in my hometown and I’m going to have the time of my life.


It’s like my own real life Stormstout Brewery!


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10 responses to “#124 Partying like a Pandarian

  1. Carry on, have fun just keep your wits about you. We want you around for many, many more birthdays.

    love mom.

  2. aqusinna

    Happy Birthday!

  3. May I suggest: [http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/342/1275
    McEwan’s Scotch Ale]?

    And to echo your mom, don’t be stupid.


  4. JD Kenada

    My beer of choice is Stella Artois. If memory servers me, Budweiser bought the parent company, so you might be able to find a sample on your travels.

    Happy birthday sir!

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