#122 The chaos of the new expansion

After getting my hands on the expansion and joining in the race to experience the every new things in Pandaria, I realized how fun the first few days of an expansion can be.

It’s pandemonium!

Unlike other players who will gladly complain about how there are fifty people trying to blow up five wagons via the buggy general chat, I will happily sit through the servers difficulties while I participate in exploring Pandaria.

I love the craziness of the next few days because this is something you only see at the beginning of expansions, you can never experience this type of crazy in the content patches, only here where people are picking up their Warcraft accounts again and try to get the best gear again.

For that incredible rush of players it is worth the problem that occurs with servers suffer from overpopulation. I enjoy the chaos because, just like the elections, it is special sort of crazy that only comes around once every few years.

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3 responses to “#122 The chaos of the new expansion

  1. I have been enjoying the expansion so far, it seems like they have made some really nice areas…screenshotable even!

  2. Eva Marie

    I am LOVING the sudden overpopulation on my server, which is usually pretty quiet. 🙂

    • Which Server are you on? Last night I was over 1000th in que, watched an episode of big bang theory, did laundry, trolled spencers various blogs…. wait time was finaly ~45 mins.

      People are great but man, it can go too far.

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