#119 My take on Theramore’s Fall

This week starts the pre-Mists of Pandaria event with Blizzard introducing to the scenario system, and I was every interested on how

I did everything to prepare for this, I read the Jaina Proudmoore book, I let my rage cool down for the minimum of 4 weeks (Read Be MOP #110 for my rant about this event), and I grabbed two other guild-mates to skip the extremely long queue times

With all that out of the way, let’s dive head first into this scenario, and see what’s all the hubbub is about.

One Theramore event later….

Huh. I can definitely say it surpassed my expectations, but that might be because I had them at such a low standard to begin with.

The scenario dropped me and my friends into an instanced zone with enemies that were mostly non-eleites, all caused no problem to me and one of my friends who are decked in heroic gear. The entire event when smoothly and quickly with no hiccups from the game mechanics or player side.

My compliments to Blizzard, they did the most they could with the limited space of the area without phasing or making it too crowded.

Plus this event gave me a Theramore tabard and an epic wizard transmog hat, I give them points for that. Not receiving any collectible items was one of the qualms I had with the Pre Catalysm event.

That being said having one scenario is not enough to get players excited for the next chapter of a game.

I could go into the lack of lore leading up and following the event, the continuity problems in the scenario, and the problems that always occurs when you take a book’s story and try to adapt it into another from of media but I don’t have all day.

I played the Alliance version of the event where the alliance force are reacting to the Horde’s bombing, where you are asked to clean out the Horde scavengers from the ruins of Theramore. (actually, come to think about it, having an event where the alliance have to clean up the Horde’s mess might be a perfect send off the this expansion….)


Goodbye sweet city


It might seem ridiculous but I would much rather see the Alliance scenario take place during the last fight prebombing/ during the bombing, just like the Horde’s scenario.

The Mana Bomb wiped out the entire population of Theramore. It was the big event in the book, a turning point for how we are supposed to feel about the war for the rest of the game it seems unfair to only let half of the player population to see it take place. Personally I would love to be one of the elite troops that were called upon to defend Theramore against the ever increasing Horde forces, fighting to the last possible second before the bomb was deployed.

But the idea of going into an event where you and your teammates are forced to die the end of an encounter is a deep philosophical question for another time.

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2 responses to “#119 My take on Theramore’s Fall

  1. On a scale of one to ten how pumped are you for cata?

  2. aqusinna

    The Scenario was fine, although they were right in leaving it to the week before the expansion. If this was the extent of what they gave us for the last month it would have been a kick in the nutz. As it is it was a good diversion and someething to do for a couple days.

    As for being pumped about cata…its done for me…I am all about MoP now!

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