#118 The tale of two mains

Last week I did the impossible, I got my druid to level 85.

now to do it all again next week

After two expansions I am finally able to say that I have two max level characters.

Now a question emerges that I have never asked myself before, “What am I going to do with another toons that can experience the end game content?”

(After all of this you can bet that I am going to get her to level 90 sooner rather than later)

I’m going to use her for her herbalism and alchemy professions that’s for sure,  but what else?

For the past two expansion I have done everything on my mage completing the quests of every zone, every dungeon and raid, and even dabbling in battlegrounds.


almost everything


It’ll be odd having two charters that can divvy up the endgame objectives. I was thinking of make my druid my PvP player with the druid’s four different specs it would offer a change of play style that I have grown to love in League of Legends matches.

Or I could follow in my main’s footstep and make her out to be a raider used for alt runs or when a tank or a healer calls in sick.

I don’t know what to do with her yet, currently my druid is just waiting in Stormwind for Pandaria waiting for her time to shine.


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