#116 Officially done with Cataclysm

Last Sunday night and into the wee hours of Monday morning I experienced something amazing.

I got to partake in killing the Madness of Deathwing encounter on Heroic Difficulty for the first time along with my guild.

Just one more achievement to add to my collection


I after the post raid-cheers and celebrations I was asked by my old raid buddy, who I have stuck with for the past year and a half, if I saw myself completing the last boss of the expansions on the hardest difficulty when I joined his raid group back when Cataclysm started.

To that I answered with a truthful No. I mentioned in a previous post that this expansion I was happy that I was able to experience just the normal boss encounters with a constant group of friends every week.

I never imagined seeing myself being in a raid that would engage in current tier heroic encounters, experiencing the extremely tense moments at the end of a boss fight that would end in victory  or another 5% wipe.

Now I am officially done with the expansion’s PvE content and with less than two weeks until Mists of Pandaria I am ready, now more than ever, to move on to new content.


Compare this picture (the gear I wore to the H-Deathwing fight) to the screenshot I took for #31‘s picture that I took the first time I killed Normal Deathwing


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3 responses to “#116 Officially done with Cataclysm

  1. should have had that a long time ago but getting people together has beed hard since the DS nerfs began. To put it in perspective we had 1 wipe on Spine and 2 on madness to get this kill… wasent it like 500+ wipes for the world first 25 man kill?

  2. Eva Marie

    Ahhh Congrats! 😀

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