#115 Shared Topic: 7 Deadly Sins

This week’s Blog Azeroth’s Shared Post comes from me.

“We all know of the Seven deadly sins (Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony) and we all succumb to aspects of them at one time or another, but is there one particular sin that affects you more than the others when you play World of Warcraft?
Are you a bit too prideful about your armor set? or Do you look upon someone with envy when they have a piece of armor that you don’t have yet?”

If I was to pick a deadly sin that affected my gameplay the most, it would Gluttony.

Hmmm got to love me some Diablo themed sins

I chose this sin because of my relationship I have with the achievement system.

I have always been a fan of the achievement system in World of Warcraft ever since they were first introduced back in Wrath. Since then a good part of my WoW time since then has be fulfilling those pointless tasks.

I have Loremaster,  World Explorer, and More Skills to Pay the Bills, you name it there’s a good chance I have done it. I even completed the sillier achievements like Pests Control, My Sack is “Gigantique” and Ring of the Kirin Tor (an achievement I got on my mage in Cataclysm, the only reason I  paid about 8.5K gold was because I wanted the achievement sound to go off)

I do these tasks not to show off to anybody and not because I want to beat someone else has a higher achievement score than me.

Although those people aren’t in the guild I’m in

I complete  these achievements for myself. I just do them simply because there’s always one more waiting to be completed.

It’s the same reason why I can’t stop at one Lindt chocolate

Fun fact! Lindt's US factory is stationed in my home state, so there's Lindt chocolate outlet stores EVERYWHERE

Oh I’ll just have one more

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13 responses to “#115 Shared Topic: 7 Deadly Sins

  1. Picking a sin that effects my gameplay…hmmm guess it would be Pride.

    I think the prime example of this is double bleeding on Madness and popping adds out at the wrong time. I guess it would be called epeening!

  2. Mine is Gluttony as well. I have some of the same achievements that you do. I didn’t list achievements in my Shared Topic entry, but broke things down in a different way. You can check it out at:


    Thank you for this topic. I was fun to do. I look forward to doing more.

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