#114 Political Lessons from World of Warcraft

This week we saw the ending of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the week before this we saw the Republican National Convention.


 Talking about Politics on the Internet? What’s the worst that happen?


What type of Political Science college student blogger would I be if I did not incorporating these two events into Warcraft some how?


Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the three lessons WoW can teach you about US politics.


  • Lesson #1: Both ways are right, to a point.

The Horde and Alliance both have very different ways to solves the problem, either s acting on the situation before considering the consequences or trying diplomacy on the problem before engaging in conflict.

You soon find out that both have their merits when tackling a problem and both are good….until you stop balancing out with the other side and start to follow those ways to the extremes. That is where the problem occurs.

Those extremes usually ends in the ruins of nations.


  • Lesson #2: Despite what you think, there is honor among thieves.

Following the previous lesson of there is no correct party, not everyone on the opposite party are cut throat war-hawks that only hunts for blood.

There are good, educated, and qualified people on the other side. It just as time those good people are overshadowed by their more avid members.

(If I was clever enough I would try to find the World of Warcraft equivalent of the twenty-four hour cable news networks)


and last of all….

  • Lesson #3: In every battle there must be a winner.

Every political must have a victor, if we never have a definite winning and losing side then our elections would never end.


We all have to deal with victory and defeat with every encounter, but  we also have to learn what to do after the fight.

We need to learn how to work with your team in the rush of victory and just an importantly we have to learn how to rally your rally your recently defeated troop from the next fight.



I would also like to remind my New Hampshire readers that I am still running for State Representative for Hillsborough county #21.

While I won’t go into my stances in this post, I will promise you that I will keep these lessons in mind if I win the election.


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