#111 Preparing for Pandaria: The moral question about Raid Finder

With Pandaria less than a month away, It’s time to ask myself what am I going to do with the Raid Finder service in this expansion?

Back when the Raid Finder was released in Patch 4.3 I made the decision not to use the service because I wanted to experience the boss fights of the proper level of difficulty, plus I wanted to feel that rush of victory when me and my friends finally killed a particularly difficult  boss for the first time.

I also stuck to my decision because when Raid Finder was available,  I was in full Firelands gear and the difference in iLevel between Fireland’s and Dragon Soul (RF)’s gear was so small that the hassle was not worth it.

But recently I joined a new guild that is focused on PvE progression and soon I, and the rest of the world, will be going into the new expansion with a new race for current gear

Now I’m faced with the question, “Should I avoid using the Raid Finder service to enjoy the feeling when the actual raid actually takes down the boss? Or should I go through Raid Finder, ruin the victory, in order to aid my fellow raiders in the name of progression?

On one hand WoW is meant to be played anyway you want to play (a message Blizzard want to make especially clear in this expansion)

But on the other hand, I don’t want to forget what Spock said to Captain Kirk,


The needs of the many outway the needs of the few


Sure I’m paying fifteen dollars a month to play the way I want to, but when I join a progression raid, these nine other people are paying a hundred and thirty-five dollars and they expect me to play the best to help the team.

I am actually torn on this issue, and I’m interested if anyone is having this problem. What are you doing?

Luckily, I have a month to think about this.


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6 responses to “#111 Preparing for Pandaria: The moral question about Raid Finder

  1. Sean

    If you want to race for the new gear then by all means go for it, if the gear doesn’t matter then why not wait? Beating it as a guild is still more challenging (if I remember correctly) than beating it with a raid finder group so the challenge is still there per say right?

  2. I did the raid finder kills in cata the day that they dropped. Truthfully I don’t think there was any negative effect to our first Madness kill.

    In the end put out the numbers and no one will care… From what I understand there is more than one way to progress, so with a little effort there is the possibility that you don’t even need to hit the raid finder.

  3. Speaking as one who ran raid finder quite a bit in 4.3 before I actually raided, I can tell you that I was still pretty excited to kill the ‘real’ bosses for the first time when I finally did them. If you don’t want to ruin it for yourself, I can understand not taking that risk. But in my experience, I found RF to be cool, but not the ‘real thing’, combined with ‘not the real feeling’.

    For me, it’s the ‘real raid’ combined with the ‘raiding with friends’ that makes the real thing, um, the real deal.

    Just my two cents tho 🙂

    • Thanks for the input! I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to use the LFR function to help prepare myself for the heroic encounters.

      But thanks again for your opinion it helps a lot.

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