#109 Thoughts on the next and previous pre-expansion events

Tomorrow the pre-Pandaria patch will drop and with everything we get the customary pre-expansion event that gets everyone hyped for September.

Even though the event will not happen for a few more days, I am curious on how the attack on Theramore will be received by the players, since the last pre-expansion event had some mixed feelings.

I had a lot of fun there, porting to Theramore to fly to Onyxia’s liar


So far, I have experienced the  two previous events, the Wrath and Cataclysm attacks on the cities.

The two previous events, to me, seemed to come from two different school of thoughts of how to get players ready for the next chapter of World of Warcraft

The Wrath event had a lot more sudden and constnat action in their event while Cata took it’s time to build up the lore, and thus had a slower ramp up.

For those who don’t remember, or who hasn’t played though the wrath event, it started with plagued crates that just appeared all around the cities.

If you touched the crates you would get a debuff with a timer, and unless you got to the healer NPC, you would transform into a ghoul. where you can then bite and spread the plague to other players and NPC.

A good old zombie attack, what more could you want?


During this time, there was also new elite NPCs that were placed in the plaguelands that revealed to everyone that the Lich King is leading this attack.

This all ended with a risen dragon accompanied by waves and waves of zombies attacking both alliance and horde main cities.


Thanks to WoWinsider for this screenshot.

The wrath event threw you right into the action, all you knew was that there was zombies attacking the world and you just need to survive.


While the Cataclysm event had much more lore into it resulting in a much slower boil.

Throughout the weeks leading up theCataclysm, the game developers wanted to tell everyone what was happening politically throughout the game.

We did get some action into the events, like joining the Twilight Cult and fending off the elementals when they opened portals into our realm and taking back the trolls/gnome starting areas

There was  weeks when we did quests where we saw Thrall leave the horde to practice shamanism and another week where we escorted tablets the dwarfs found in Ulduar back to Ironforge.

I doubt that other non-political science players found this part of the event as interesting as I did….


The lack of constant action left some people bored and uninterested in the game, something that Blizzard doesn’t want when people are experiencing burnout.

I will say that I enjoyed the Cata event just as much as Wrath’s event, but I do wonder what will Blizzard will do with this event to make sure that it gives the player the new action they want, but also the lore that the game developers want to tell to ensure that the players are all caught up about the changes in character and faction motivation as we go to the new area.


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