#108 My Future experiences with the WoW remote app.

I’ve been doing this World of Warcraft blog  for about nine months now and there have been times when I had to bump a preplanned posts back a few days, and there have been times when I had completely rewrite posts because at the last moment Blizzard released some new information about the expansion the night after before my post.

But never did I have to eat my words, especially less than twenty-four hours after I spoke said words.

For those who don’t know, last Wednesday I wrote about how I was not satisfied with my summertime experience with the WoW Remote app. (The service was great but my guildmates and I were too burned out of WoW to use the Auction House or the Guild Chat)

At the end of the post I said that I was going to discontinue my subscription to the app to trim some of my spending for the school year.

Well, less than a day after I posted that post Blizzard put out an official announcement that the World of Warcraft Remote is going to be free for everyone.



My initial response to reading the bulletin was, “Come on,Blizzard. Really? Did you really wanted to make me look like a fool didn’t you!?”

I’m not upset to for the nine dollars that I spent for this now free service, even though I just received an email from Blizzard that said that I have been credited with a Lil’ XT pet and seven free days of game play.


You will be damn sure I’m keeping him out now because of this whole event


It’s that I made a bit of a big deal about me not continuing my payments to an app that I don’t use, and literally, LITERALLY the next day all my arguments are rendered moot, because now I still have access to the service at no charge to me.


This must be what a returning WoW players goes through.


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