#107 My summer experience with the WoW remote app

If the title of this post was a joke, the punchline would be, “There was none”

Rewind to the beginning of the summer, I was young, naive and not totally burned out from WoW. I thought it would be a good idea to reactivate my WoW remote  Auction House app.

Only three dollars a month? That’s the cost of a cup of coffee that I don’t drink 


I remembered when I joined beta for the android app trail and  thought it was a cool idea of always being connected to my guild and monitoring the Auction House away from my computer.

With a new summer job and some extra cash I resubscribed to the app to see if I could still use it to it’s full potential. As summer continued I found myself putting less and less items on the Auction House as I played the less of the game itself.

As for the guild chat function, the only time I got messages from the  guild mates was when they were asking me to help them with a tailoring pattern, or asking me for  guild invites from their alts. Activities that I cannot do on my mobile.


It also had a weird function of logging me in and out repeatedly when the app was idle.


I faced that fact that I am not a big enough Auction House junkie enough to justify using the app to buy and sell goods when I’m away from my laptop and I am not in a guild that is big enough where there is an interesting (non-gaming) conversation happening at any odd hour of the day.

The funny thing is even though I haven’t used the app for weeks now,  I kept forgetting to unsuscribe from app. I have been paying for the past three months, and as the next college year is approaching, I need to find ways to cut my unnecessary spending, and this is the first thing to go.



I’m also on Twitter Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mists of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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5 responses to “#107 My summer experience with the WoW remote app

  1. I like it but at the same time it can be very useless, i would like to be enable to craft with it to tbh. For example i just had a month off from the game, i forgot to craft a big stack of gems when i left and the once i had got sold already the first week.

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