#105 Preparing for Pandaria: Farming for Gold

To fulfill my World of Warcraft blogger requirement, here’s a screenshot of the new Blizzard cinematic:

The only thing I will say about the video is that there is a severe lack of gnomes that I believe was promised to us in this expansion’s cinematic.

Now back to the regularly scheduled blog post….

To be sure that I am ready to jump into the new expansion head first, I need to make sure that my wallet is full with as much gold as I can get my hands on.

A few months ago I made a goal to collect seventy-five thousand gold before Pandaria goes live, that was back when the great Grand Expedition Yak mount was priced at sixty thousand gold.

I was able to barely raise that much money to buy the mount without the reputation discount and still having some walking around gold for my tailoring profession and other max level items.

But Blizzard then doubled the price of the mount to a hundred and twenty thousand gold, and since then I have been trying to play gold-farming catch up while juggling my other obligations and combating WoW burn out.

Right now I have farmed 97.6k gold and it doesn’t look like I can make the new goal, but I realized that I don’t need all of the 120k gold for the first day. With the increase in the gold that is given out to by mobs and quests rewards in the expansion that I am sure that I will be able to buy the reforging yak well before the majority of the player base.

Alt Druid Update:

Currently my druid is level 82 and a ¼ and I am currently working through Batman Forever (my second favorite batman movie out of the 90’s) and the Hyjal quest chains.

It occurred to me the other day I will have to go through the horrors of Uldum and Batman and Robin. Luckily if I keep up the pace I do not have to suffer them at the same time.

Oh George Clooney, you may an established actor and the world’s sexiest man for the year 2006 but you will never outlive the fact that you were a Batman that sported Bat-nipples and a Bat-credit card.

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