#103 Shared Topic, How has WoW changed your life?

This week’s Blog’s Azeroth’s Shared topic comes from Effraeti, with the question,

“How has WoW changed your life?”

For me,  Warcraft has had a major beneficial impact on my life, because of the game I improved my computer skills and how I view a group. When I started playing the game I was in Highschool and I had terrible typewriting skills. Truly terrible skills, I was ‘searching and pecking’ letters for all of my papers.

A comedic representation of what my fingers looked like when I was typing up papers

It was not until there was a need for me to communicate quickly and efficiently with other people in the heat of battle that I improved my typewriting skills.

Warcraft also changed how I view a team computation. Before WoW I never really put any thought into what is needed to make a proper team, the teachers in school would always make teams at random. IE “You’re in group 1. You’re in group 2. You’re in group 1” With that method I experienced many fail pugs.

It was World of Warcraft that sat me down and spell it out to me what a functioning team should be composed of.

Every group should have one voice that everyone follows (raid leader), a couple of people who are willing to take on the big problems of the project (tanks) a few who get to gets to chip away the problem bit by bit (DPS) and one or two people who provide support, and relief for everybody (healers).

I also now view any big group project as a giant Magmaw

While I would have learned how to make a good group later in my life, or from another game (League of Legend) WoW taught me a proper team build a younger age and because I had that knowledge a bit earlier than my classmates I was able to understand what everyone’s preferred choice for a group, and then adapt my role to compensate for the missing pieces.

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4 responses to “#103 Shared Topic, How has WoW changed your life?

  1. I liked that you learned some great lessons in WoW about teamwork and typing! I’m still not sure what to write for mine yet…

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