#102 Shared Topic: Are you playing the Mists Beta?


This week’s Blog Azeroth‘s Shared topic ask the question,

“Are you playing the Mists of Pandaria Beta?”

This may come as a surprise, but the person who runs the blog that is all about the Mists of Pandaria expansion has not touched the beta in weeks.

This was the cutest image when I googled “shocked”

It may sound odd, but I played through the first few zones, then backed away from it because I heard the horror stories of Cataclysm beta testers who explored every bit of the new world and they were the ones who experienced the burnout first. As a player who got tired of Cataclysm two months ago, the idea of consuming the content faster than normal terrifies me.

Also, me not playing the beta is the same reason why I don’t open my Christmas presents, it would also ruin the surprise.

That’s right I added a picture of a Christmas tree in the middle of the Summer

I want to be surprised at the plot twists and developments that the game developers put in later in the expansion.

I look forward to experience the game with everyone else, there’s no fun in knowing what will happen before everyone else, especially if you have the level through Pandaria again when the Beta closes.



I’m also on Twitter Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mists of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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9 responses to “#102 Shared Topic: Are you playing the Mists Beta?

  1. That’s one of the main reasons that I only levelled in The Jade Forest. I did like my road trips to see the zones but it will still come as a surprise when the content goes live. Riding through The Jade Forest the other day, it’s changed quite a lot since the beginning and that makes me happy.

  2. JD Kenada

    The Christmas Tree would bother me more if not for the fact the grocery store has a Hallowe’en candy display. >_<

  3. Every time I tried to play beta it was either horribly laggy. Like it would take me 5 minutes to turn left or right. Or it would just crash. So I haven’t played it much

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