#100 One Hundred

Today is cause for celebration, because today is the one hundredth post on this blog!

It’s not just the hundredth post that I am proud of, it is that I have gone more than thirty-three weeks of constantly putting up posts  on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays without a single hiccup in the schedule.

At the beginning of this blog, someone asked me “What exactly is your blog about? What are you planning to do with it?” To that I answered, “I don’t really know, I write about Warcraft and other stuff and somehow relate it to the Mists of Pandaria expansion.” If anybody asked that question now, I would answer in the same way.

On this site, I have compared Doctor Who and Pokemon to Warcraft, I have talked about the Star Wars franchise and World Politics and their relation to what is happening in Azeroth.

As a special treat, I am going to show the stats of my site and reveal some of the oddity that I have experienced over the eight months of doing this…..hobby? (is that the proper word?)

Here is my summary review for the past month.

The important thing to notice is the red line, the line represent the total views I received for the total month of December. I would never imagine that I would ever be able to get that much views in a span of twenty-four hours.

Also I have access to what are some of the most popular posts people have seen.

You will need to click to actually see the image this time

It’s not surprising to see that the Home Page is the most popular, but I am shocked to see my fifth post is ranked in a solid second. This always surprised me, in this particular post I only compared the talent systems to a car at the last possible sentence. (Be MOP #5)

I also hope that the Timeless One’s post will eventually be seen by Blizzard, that post is one of my personal favorites. (Be MOP #20)


I did promise you guys oddities right? Well I went to through the search terms that people asked their internet search engine to get to my blog.


I highlighted a few of the funner ones, my personal favorite is “Space Clthulh” The best thing is, that more than one person arrived to Be MOP with that internet search.


For this hundredth post, I just want to say ‘Thank you’, to everyone who visits this site. Thanks to everyone who commented, retweeted and just coming back here every other weekday. Without all of you, I probably would not have continued this little project of mine when I thought of it one cold day during my winter vacation. Hope to see you guys around for the next hundred!


I’m also on Twitter

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mists of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


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4 responses to “#100 One Hundred

  1. dangdangfool

    Just in case you’re interested, I think the one search set in Cyrillic (between Emma Watson and Space Cthulu) is “Zul Farrak Map”.

    Enquiring Minds want to know!

  2. Eva Marie

    Congratulations!! 🙂

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