#99 Staggered Raid Releases

Earlier this week Blizzard announced that the 5.0 raids will be released in stages. The first raid, Mogu’shan Vaults, going live one week after the expansion hits the shelves, with the other two raids being available one month after that.

I don’t think i’ll be causing any controversy if I say that this new raid change doesn’t affect me nor most of the World of Warcraft players who raid.

I remember in Cataclysm that it took me about a month to reach level 85 and to be geared enough to even enter Black Wing Descent. From my previous playing of the beta and with school work, I don’t think I’ll be reaching the level cap that quickly.

This raid release is meant to be for the top 1% of the hardcore players who usually blaze through content, rushing through the quests and instances to race the other hardcore base to win the World/Server First Boss Kill achievement. I think Blizzard put this in for them, to give them a week to actually enjoy the level/Pandaria experience before the raiders start their grueling process of optimizing their DPS to push the mechanics of the regular and heroic bosses

My only concern is that the 5.0 raids (and every raid after that will be as easy to clear as the normal Dragon Soul) and that the delayed raid launch is a way for Blizzard to stall the average player’s consumption of the content until the next patch is ready to be released.

But that is just my evil-shadow-organization conspiracy side thinking.

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2 responses to “#99 Staggered Raid Releases

  1. JD Kenada

    Obviously I’m unaffected by it, but I think it’s a good way to do it. It means less pressure to put it ALL out at once. More time to work on each one in a more focused manner can only mean good things.

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