#97 Preparing for Pandaria: Liquidating all my Leather

With the Mists of Pandaria release date finally being…well…released. It gave me the jump-start I needed to start playing Warcraft again to start getting ready for the next expansion.

To start, I want to begin a mini series once a week on this blog that gets me ready for the expansion I call “Preparing for Pandaria”

The posts will be about what I will be doing during this last few weeks of Cataclysm to be prepared for when Mists hits.


Here’s my one Illidan Stormrage joke.


Today I’m going to talk about what I did for the majority of the weekend, liquidating all of my warcraft assets on the Auction House.

I’ve been selling everything in my banks that will lose value in the player economy come the end of September, disenchanted Items, gems and espically the leather I get through my skinning profession.

To optimize the leather that I gather through skinning, I realized that the price of goods are increased when you craft it into the next tier of materials.

There’s the price of  regular Savage leather


The price of leather is 3.75 gold each

Then if you search the average price of Heavy Savage Leather…

3.75*6=22.5 (usually Heavy Leather sells more than this…but during the middle of the night when I took this picture, the AH wanted to make a fool out of me)

…it ends up selling more than the regular leather.


Then look at the Pristine Hide, something you can buy with Heavy Leather at Twilight Highlands.

The price goes up to: 240g which is, again, more than if you just sold ten Heavy Savage Leather separately.




With a little effort I was able to make a <15 more gold than if I didn’t play a little bit of the Auction House. (3.75*6)*10= 225

For the next two months I will be farming and transforming leather that I gather from the Molten Front’s never ending supply of Spiders.

Also I will be using this method to reap in the gold from the Leatherworking on the Auction House the first few months of the expansion

But I want to know, What are you selling in your inventory to prepare your in-game money for the Mists of Pandaria? and Do you have any secret little tricks for earning more money from the profession stuff you make for the AH?


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10 responses to “#97 Preparing for Pandaria: Liquidating all my Leather

  1. Areswarlord

    Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for the past month or so, and I’ve been enjoying it a fair bit.

    I’m going the opposite way. I’m stocking up on ink’s to make glyphs for when the floodgates keeping the pandaren at bay open up. The hundreds of new pandas are going to need some glyphs after all.

    • Yeah, for glyphs the best chance is to save them for the resurgence of players leveling, as for me the price of high-end leatherworking materials are going to drop once players find out the least amount of leather to level past Cataclysm’s patterns

      Also Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. JD Kenada

    As Aresworld pointed out, the glyph market should do well. I imagine many of the cosmetic ones are going to go flying off the AH in the first month.

    As for Leather, your server is kinder than mine. In most cases, the lesser the leather, the better per item value and opportunity for gold return. I have been using some of mine to make Barbaric Bracers for a nice bit of change, though. It’s getting Large Fangs that slows that process and the idea of farming them makes me nauseous.

    If I’m liquidating anything, it’s any Enchanting Rods that I’ve made recently as well as almost all the Eternium I have. The only profit I ever saw from that mineral was Eternium Rods and if Blizzard does remove all the progressive rods, then there’s really no reason for me to have the stuff.

    At the same time, Embersilk Cloth might not be bad to acquire if someone is liquidating it. Look at every predecessor in terms of cloth. The previous expansion becomes less prominent and more valuable (Frostweave shot through the roof).

    And FINALLY (boy, this turned into a wall of text), I find this to be the perfect time of year to sell off your Winter Veil pets. You ‘could’ wait until Mists and pet battles, but I think others might as well and you’ll see a small flood of the market. Also, as it gets closer to Winter Veil players will simply wait…to say nothing of only needing the pet on one character after Sept. 25th.

  3. I’ve never been one to stockpile enough mats to need to have a mass clearout at the end of an expansion.

    However, as Areswarlord said I am stocking up on a few things now in preparation for the Panda invasion and all them new monks, 0-70 ores, leather and herbs are high on my snatch list right now and low level inks particularly as we’re likely to lose the ability to down trade Cata inks when the pre-patch comes and when Pandacraft hits the price of herbs will be prohibitively expensive too.

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