#95 Shared topic: Introducing RL friends to WoW

This week’s Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic is:

“Have you ever tried to introduce real life friends to WoW? If yes, how did it go? If you never have, why not?”

While I was introduced to WoW from a Highschool Friend, I never had luck introducing my friends to WoW.  It took me and two other friends to get one of my friends to play WoW, simply because we would not stop talking about and he wanted to understand what we were discussing every day.

I do have a unncanny ability of bringing retired Warcraft players back into the game.  The strange thing is that the three friends that I brought back, I  did without actively doing anything.

By just playing WoW  and mentioning it in some gaming conversations I got them back to WoW.

I’m like a Warcraft enabler….

One friend came back two years ago when Catalysm was about to hit the shelves, the other one was my last year’s college roommate when he was all the raids I was apart of that year, and the third was when I was talking about how Cataclysm was in a lull and the players were all waiting for the next content. (He really liked Cataclysm but was not looking forward to the chances in Mists of Pandaria)

I may not be good introducing friends to WoW, but it seems that I can bring back ex-Azerothians, and every I forget to send them a scroll of Resurrection to reap the rewards for recruiting a friend back to the game.

Oh will I ever get you, Spectral Gryphon mount?


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4 responses to “#95 Shared topic: Introducing RL friends to WoW

  1. Florence

    My brother and i play together, although he isn’t into the game as much i as i am we still have fun, we introduced our cousin into the game during BC but he quit soon after.
    I’ve never had any luck introing friends into wow because no one wants to pay for the game.

    As for the mount, people usually ask on forums for a rez on a second account.

  2. yeah, I might resort to the forums if i ever wanted that mount but to the honest, it’s not one of the best mounts out there.

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