#92 Sidequests are terrible to Adventurers

I am still in full Steam Summer Sale mode. So far I bought a total of eight games. But my prize catch is the Batman Arkham City game with all the DLCs.

“I’m Batman”

While living out my fantasy of being a billionaire, crime fighting Orphan, I realized one disturbing, fourth wall breaking fact, “Sidequests makes the protagonist into a terrible, terrible hero.”

For all those who do not know, Arkham City is a openworld game where not only is there the main Supervillain enrich main story, but there are also dozens and dozens of sidequests that not only adds to the game play time, but introduces lesser know characters from the Batman mythos.

Not only did remembered that Barbra is now Oracle, but they even mentioned the city of Blüdhaven!

It does bring up an odd scenario that occurred multiple times as I was playing the game, I would have just finished a main story quest boss, on my way to the next chapter of the main story when suddenly two sidequests would appear on my map.

Each of those sidequests would have two or three installments and then I would stumble upon a few of Riddler’s trophies and then I would find a group of thugs and somewhere along the way 15 mins would pass me by with no plot advancement.

Then it hits me, I am a terrible Batman.

The real Batman would have gone after the main villains who are threatening Gotham City, and call in Robin, Nightwing, Batwomen, and the Red Hood to run around the city dealing with the petty crimes.

Now this man has an excellent story to tell

I have a feeling that this is going to happen in Mists of Pandaria.

(Ha! I knew I was able to connect Batman with WoW in this post)

With more of a non-linear story questing style, we might have an incident where a hero of Azeroth trekked though the region gathering their resources and recruits to wage war on the evils of Pandaria.

With everything in place, ready for the big fight of the zone, everyone is looking at the hero to lead the attack, when the player opens up the map, and puts everything on hold because he just realized that there was some cooking quests in the previous village that just showed up.

While I am glad that sidequests are a part of any game, I just found myself chuckling at if I became the Dark knight would rather spend more time solving trivial riddles than saving the innocent.


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2 responses to “#92 Sidequests are terrible to Adventurers

  1. Oh, totally guilty of this too. Same for GTA, I just aimlessly fly/wander about and slowly uncover the world, doing whatever falls in my lap, not actively trying to avoid the main story, but subconsciously leaving it until last (maybe?).

    GTA I’m always happiest grabbing a car and then driving PROPERLY (indicators and all) around the city. Such a time sink.

    I’m kinda scared that when the new WoW expansion launches, I’ll spend so much time pottering about I’ll be the last to hit 90!

    • I feel the same way about the upcoming expansion.

      My battle plan is that I’m going to make sure I complete every quest in a zone before moving on to the next one.

      It’ll make me (re) experience the lore again and when I hit 90 half way through the questing content I can finish the higher level quests getting the extra gold instead of XP.

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