#91 Shared Topic: Single Realm

Today’s post comes from Blog Azeroth’s weekly shared topic:

If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not?

This question is one that many people has been thinking at one time or another since blizzard introduced the LFG service in Wrath, having everyone on one world.

I was either going to reference Crisis on Infinite Earths OR have this post draw similarities to how a country’s society and economy would react when they enter into the world of Globalism.

Ideally I would want to have just three realms, one for each type of player, PvE, PvP, and the RP. I doubt that Blizzard will make that move anytime soon (between now and the very last content patch of Mist of Pandaria) because of the  unintentional reactions that would be the result of the merging of the many servers.

The people

With everyone moving to two or three realms,  Blizzard would have to make your computer show all the other players around you.

Lets do the math, if World of Warcraft has 10 million subscribers and they are divided up 40-40-20 for a PvE, PvP and RP realms respectively,that would mean that Blizzard’s computers would have to  keep track of 4 million players, all making their own separate actions in the world.

If you thought that the capital cities was bad with the lag now, try imagining it with 2,000,000 members of your factions with their dragons all siting around waiting for their raids to start.


Just try to imagine the trade chat….

(to the counter argument of “Then why don’t Blizzard phase the cities for less stress on your computer” how is that any different from just keeping everyone on separate realms?)

The Economy

If everyone was to share one world, that would mean that they would have to share the same resources and services, like the Auction House.

Each server has reached an equilibrium in their economy, with prices that reflexes the about of gold the players earn and how much they are willing to spend on reagents. That equilibrium is not the same everywhere, there might be people who farm gold more in one Azeroth than other Azeroths, which would justify higher prices.

If we had a merged realm, the economies would be in shock, and possibly break for a few weeks or months from the sudden increase of both Supply and Demand.

I knew that Economics course would help me out one day

Now we have top auction house users and top material farmers competing with each other for best prices and could hurt players who just casually uses the AH, something that Blizzard does not want to do when Mists is on the horizon.

My prediction is that if Blizzard want to combine the servers, the best time would be during the last patch, at first day of the expansion’s dying days. To ensure that the shock of the merge would encourage players to continue and that the economy would calm down when patch 6.0 hits.

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7 responses to “#91 Shared Topic: Single Realm

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  3. Wow so much thought into this shared topic! Too smart for my small brain….

  4. JD Kenada

    I completely agree with your ideas here, and let’s not forget the vast funneling of douchecanoes into one of three locations. I take a great deal of comfort knowing there’s a few server and faction combinations where I can go without my braincells dying just from the absurdity I’m subjected to.

    The economy one, however, I’m not sold on. I think one of the best things for the in-game economy would be “grouping up” the auction houses on some servers. Actually, no, that’s not right either. I think just eliminating the faction ones and going with all goblins all the time makes more sense. Cross-realm AH can create waaaaaaay too many headaches.

    • Although I do hope that the Blizzard will merge some of the AHs together. but even if it’s beneficial in the long run, they would still experience some economic flux that could hurt the game so close to the next expansion.

      • JD Kenada

        Just wait until the next expansion when there’s even more gold than there is now. *shudder*

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