#88 Transmogolmpics

A two weeks ago Amateur Azerothian created a post that challenged everyone to create their own custom transmog set in the spirit of the Summer Olympics that are just around the corner.

So I decide to enter my mage under the Freestyle category.

I call this, “What-is-this-Im-not-really-good-at-transmog”




As you might have noticed that I do not use the transmog feature to create creative new armor designs, I just use to collect the Mage sets of older patches. When I look at other bloggers posts about their cool transmog outfit they created, I envy them.


As a mage I am limited to only cloth armor to wear, where as Palains, Warriors, and Deathknights can all wear not only their plate armor, but every other type of armor. It’s not just that they can wear different types of armor, but their intended armor gives them more variety than a cloth wearer.


As a Deathknight, you can transmog an armor set that makes you look like you are the protector of a group (any tank designed armor) you could transmog yourself to look like either a Spellcaster or a melee attacker or your could go find craftable healing armor and transmog a deathkinght to look like a healing paladin.


As a spellcaster, I am stuck wearing a cloth gear, and the game designers only design armor that looks like I can cast damage spells or cast healing spell, not much variety for me to work with.


But that’s ok, I have been working on an alt. maybe I make that one as a tranmog collector. It would be cool to see her in fighting with different looks when fighting in raids. Lets me just refresh my memory on who she is and what’s her preferred spec….


…Oh a Feral Druid


Maybe I’m just not suppose to use the transmog feature in World of Warcraft.


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2 responses to “#88 Transmogolmpics

  1. Oh forgot to list my armor list:

    Head: Bloodmage Hood
    Shoulder: Relentless Gladiator’s Silk Amice
    Back: None
    Chest: Time Lord’s Robes
    Hands: Merciless gladiator’s Silk Handguards
    Belt: Cord of the Slain Champion

    Staff: Greatstaff of the Nexus

  2. JD Kenada

    Spencer, sorry to say this…but the games calls for no posting your outfits (aside from the flag bearer) until after the deadline. I just don’t want folks stealing your ideas, or going back and redoing theirs because they feel it needs to be better than what you’ve done.

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