#87 The War of Warcraft

In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard wants to push the idea that this expansion is about the war of World of Warcraft.

As a political science student I caught myself asking, “WHAT past real-life  type of war  the Horde and Alliance are currently in?”

We can start off with the war that Warcraft is NOT, the war on Azeroth is not like World War II.

Here at Be MOP, we don’t mess around when fulfilling Godwin’s Law.

World War II is about fighting between Democratic-free Western Europe countries and America verse the aggressive dictatorial Germany.

Looking back on WWII, everyone can agree that there was one side that was the good side while the other side was in the wrong.

Warcraft is not about good vs evil, despite what other faction thinks, The Horde is not an evil force that will not top until all of the planet is there’s to control, none of the members of the Horde, save for the Forsaken have the motive to conquer the world.

If Warcraft is not in World War II, what other war that could describe the relation between the two factions.

If you asked me at the beginning of the World of Warcraft game what type of war they have, I would have to said it is a war between the Haves and Have-nots.

A war between the Haves and Have-nots is pretty self-explanatory, it’s when one party is fighting another party because there is something that is needed by some, which is being withheld by the others.

An example of real life implication of this is the 99% movement, one side has more money and less consequences for their actions with multibillion dollar companies, while the other people are experiencing harsh economic conditions, caused by the 1% and are asked to foot the bill to jump-start these companies.

Although there was no real war, it’s still a fine example.

In villain Azeroth the Haves were the members of the Alliance, while the Have-nots were the citizens of the Horde.

The Orcs lost their home and were just looking for a place to live, the Trolls were beaten by the elves in a war thousands of years ago, and the Forsaken were experiencing a falling out with the Human race once they regained their free will from the Lich King.

We saw the conflict emerged in Ashenvale and Hillsbrad foothills. The Ocrs were using the trees as lumber for their people’s production while the Forsaken were seeking more land for themselves.

But things ever stay the same for very long, somewhere between the end of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King the war on Azeroth changed.

The Alliance found their long-lost King Varian and The Horde promoted Garrosh Hellscream to lead the exploration to Northrend, and then get promoted again to Warchief.

As Warchief, Garrosh push forward the aggressive movement of Ashenvale, for the good of the people he rule and to send the Alliance a message. This was around the same time when the Forsaken dominated Hillsbrad.

These actions evened the scales for the two sides

Now in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria we have two equally powerful factions both wanting to be the best.

Does this mean that Azeroth is currently in it’s own Cold War with comparison between the United States and the Soviet Union?

Well no. any amature historian can tell you that the Cold War was not active, the United States never directly dealt blows with Russia the same way that the Horde and Alliance are now

Secondly, the analogy would not work because the Cold War was a war of Ideologies, One side you have the Democratic Capitalists while the other side were communists, both trying to “peacefully” outlive the other one.

In WoW both factions have the same Feudal government system, both having a royal leader that rule their race with no legal power from the people to rival the decisions.

We don’t see any orcs trying to challenge Garrosh, without walking away with an ax to the face.

With the circumstances of Warcraft in Mists of Pandaria, what real life war that we can compare Azeroth when we have ruled out World War II, a war of Haves and Have-nots, and the Cold War?

It would be my opinion that the best war that currently describes the war of the Alliance and Horde is the First World War.

Back in the early 1900’s, The Kingdom of England, France and Germany all went to war, fighting for the pride of their country, all trying to get their hands on the best weapons/resources trying to be the best country in the world.

That last sentence just describes the why we, the players, have an interest in the new island to find something, anything that gives your side the edge that will not only win the war, but completely humiliate the enemy, Treaty of Versai style.

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4 responses to “#87 The War of Warcraft

  1. Justin

    Not to argue with a political science student, but I think you’ve understated what World War 1 was… WW1 was a fluster cluck. It was all about these people over here (England, France) promising to protect these smaller people, while these other people (Germany, Austria-Hungary) were going to protect these other smaller countries. So when one small country got blamed for assassinating the archduke of another small country everything went to hell in a hand basket. A powder keg, I believe my old history books described it.

    I hadn’t actually thought of a good analogous war until I read your post. I think to find a good one you have to go back further. Maybe the Napoleonic Wars? Napoleon (or Garrosh) just wanting to carve out a huge chunk of land for his people while England and few other countries (Alliance) try to hold onto what is theirs.

    Or maybe the Spanish-American War or Mexican-American War, or Spanish-Texas War… all of which were really about resources and who had the right to what land.

    • You’re right, there is probably a better war to describe Azeroth with the cause of the war, but my teachers tend to focus on the world politics of history rather than just focusing on American politics.

      I was approaching the WWI allegory with the mindset of the soldiers/government for the prep and during the war (Our state is better than yours and we will have the weapons to win)

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