#86 Blogging Azeroth: Nicest Thing Anyones Done

Every week  Blog Azeroth has a shared topic and this week’s topic is:

What is the nicest thing another player has ever done for you in-game?

While I do have met nice players, one of my favorite encounters with a nice stranger was when I was on the Horde side.




It’s World of Warcraft, Patch 2.4


I was a lowly Undead mage at level 69, leveling through Outland and saving all the gold I can get my hands on for the regular flying training.
Between going through the quests in Shadowmoon Valley I would teleport back to Orgrimmar and advertise my ability to make portals to other cities for gold.


I was 150 gold away from getting my mount and training, and there was a Tauren Warrior who asked for a port and paid for the rest of the cost for my training.


I will always be thankful for that player who helped me get my Tawny Wind Rider and let me properly explore OutLands when I dinged 70


This is one of very few screenshots I have when I was on the Horde riding any type of  Wyvern



Also Happy Fourth of July to all of my USA readers!



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3 responses to “#86 Blogging Azeroth: Nicest Thing Anyones Done

  1. aqusinna

    What no Happy Canada Day?

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