#85 Cataclysm’s Superlatives (part 2)

With the announcement that Mists of Pandaria’s cinematic will be shown at the Gamescon 2012 it is becoming ever more apparent that Blizzard is ready to finish this game.  (my guess 2 months after the cinematic, so end of October)


With the ending of Cataclysm I really need to wrap up this series that I created, the Cataclysm’s Superlatives, and I’m going to go through a few of the awards today


Best 5 Man instance

With my World of Warcraft game, you are almost expected to run instances multiple times to get good enough gear for Heroics and then raids. Out of the fourteen 5 man instances that Cataclysm gave us, of coursed there have to be two that gets the best and worst awards. To start this off with a high note, the best 5 man instance goes to …



This was a new instance to me, I never run the original Deadmines, and this place not only had some of the best boss mechanics but the story of revenge is something that I never think of. The last three fights were just brilliant.


The quest that leads up to her is one of my top ten quest chains


Worst 5 Man instance


Both Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman

I have written about these two instances for a while (best one is Be MOP #2) I got tired of these instances the week after they came out.

It may have been because I was grouped with just terrible players who don’t know how the boss fights works, or it might be because there was no gear upgrades for me there, or it might have been because the environment of both instances are so similar that  I would not have known what troll instance I zoned in.

These two instances caused some serious burnout for be between Patch 4.1 and 4.2  because this was the first Content patch that had nothing new for me to do.




Other Superlatives 

Best Kickass character  in Cataclysm: Lady Sylvanas. Just look at Hillsbrad Foothills


Most potential for the next expansion: Jaina Proudmoore


Most hated Promotion: Garrosh Hellscream, so hated that he might be impeached soon


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3 responses to “#85 Cataclysm’s Superlatives (part 2)

  1. clumsygrrrl

    Oh! I’ve been sitting here for days thinking, “WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK PANDAS IN OCTOBER?”

    thankyou for explaining, haha!

    Aaaand I agree whole heartedly! Those darn Zuls *shakesfist*

  2. I liked Stone Core as a tank, first real test of mechanics for tanking.

    And I would say Throne of tides as DPS / Disc heals…so much fun blowing up the squid!

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