#84 Tier 14 armor, Transmog, and LotR

This week I joined my guild few a few of The Burning Crusade raids and after winning a few tokens I realized that I was able to complete the Merciless Gladiator’s Regalia set.

Sadly Blizzard removed the Belt, and I have no idea what to replace it with.

This was my first epic set, I was able to buy most of the PvP armor the moment I got to level 70 (I did a LOT of PvP when leveling)

As luck would have it WoWhead datamined the tier 14 armor and names for all the classes. I remember that someone, on a podcast that I listen to said that now that Transmog is now live, the game developers now don’t have to worry about making class tiers that fits in the theme of the Expansion/Patch, they just need to make them look cool

After I looked through each of the armor sets, I can loosely quote Aragorn from Lord of the Rings,

“The day may come when the Tier Armor theme will fail, when gear designers will forsake their expansion’s look . And break all bonds with the gear and expansion themes. But it is not this day!”

My Lord-of-the-Rings-loving younger brother would KILL me if he ever found out I butchered one of the best speeches in the trilogy just to make a WoW joke.

Every bit of armor looks like they were crafted from Pandarians with names to match. Regalia of the Burning Scroll (Mage) , Battlegear of the Thousandfold Blades (Rogue), and the Sha-Skin Regalia (Warlocks). These names sound like they came out of a 1980’s Kung-Fu movie.

Lets not forget about the White Tiger Power Ranger….Plate (Paladin)

(All the sets can be found at WoWinsider.)

I would think that there would be an uproar from the players if we traveled to Pandaria, explored the exotic terrain and interacts with new creatures without some armor to match with the land.

We may see Blizzard move away from a tier gear-content theme in the next major patch, during a time when the players get use to the Pandarian look.

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2 responses to “#84 Tier 14 armor, Transmog, and LotR

  1. Their is a PVP belt that will match that set. It is pretty much just see through and will use whatever color your armor is. I have the transmog on my heal set, just remind me and I can tell you.

  2. aqusinna

    I like my bear transmorg, just that I can’t find anything that makes my but look smaller.

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