#83 Wait, there’s a summer thing happening this week?

This week kicked off the holiday event, The Midsummer Fire Festival, as the title of this post would hint at, I have not been participating in any of the holiday event.

A part of the reason that I am not flying to every fire site and either respect or disrespect the Horde or Alliance’s Bon fires is because I am experiencing the burn out stage of playing WoW (eh heh, I made a pun!)

But another, bigger reason, is that there is nothing offered for me to get me into the holiday spirit.

As I wrote about in previous holiday posts (Be MOP #52), Blizzard is following a trend of adding a new collectables for a for every holiday event to bring back players who already completed everything in past years.
The Luna Festival had a new pet,  the Love is in the Air and the NobleGarden both had new mounts.

I lost so much productivity to get this mount

So what does the Midsummer Fire festival have?  Helm of the Fire Festival, new Helm that acts as a cooking fire for when you do not have the wood or kindling .

That’s nice and all, but I already have Gnomish Army Knife and that has Kindling and a Skinner’s knife. So I never have to worry about not being able to make a Basic Campfire when somebody needs it.

This item also occupies the helm slot, something that I could use on my Chef’s Hat on instead, which works better with any bit of cooking.

So only thing left that I would want on my mage would be the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune  for the transmog. I would only get it for the nostalgia, when I got it on my mage when I was on the Horde.

The problem is that when my mage had the Scythe staff when he was a Horde, I was playing him as a Forsaken and having an undead with a grim reaper scythe is much cooler than a Draenei with the same weapon.

See? It looks so much more awesome on a walking corpse.  -from WoWhead

For this holiday, I’m just going to call in sick with Hayfever and wait for the next holiday.

Which would be ….

Oh yeah, Pandarians + Brewfest = an awesome event.

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8 responses to “#83 Wait, there’s a summer thing happening this week?

  1. Wait…you need wood to make a cooking fire?

  2. clumsygrrrl

    Kindling … for … fire. *headdesk*

    I would have LOVED to see a new mount or a companion, even though this was my first year doing the festival. (I’m a newb, heh). Next year, hopefully!

  3. wow! I meant to say Simple Wood, Flint and Tinder. And it also shows the last time I had to buy the reagents for Basic Campfire. I must be getting old…..

  4. JD Kenada

    I wouldn’t normally do the Fire Festival stuff either…but easy xp is easy xp when you’re an altaholic. Plus, it’s easy to fly in a straight line while your eyes are away from your laptop and on your two year old…

    Oh, and if you DO decide to indulge in the Fire Festival, jump on the opposing faction and gank the ever-loving-Illidan out of the folks that want you to torch toss. In fact, find the designers and gank them too. I tried that once, well repeatedly for 10-15 minutes before I was emote shoving the bastard off Thunder Bluff.

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