#82 Cataclysm’s Superlatives (part 1)

A few days ago a leaked photo of Mists of Pandaria‘s box art was posted online and with the raiding testing announced, it is clear that this expansion is ready to be launched.

The baby’s coming….

As this expansion comes to an end, lets look back on Cataclysm with Be MOP’s Superlatives

Today we are looking at my picks for the best and worst Raid Fight.  I was going to add more but it would end up being way too long for just one post, so I’m breaking it up into parts to be used for a later date.

Best/worst Raid Fight

Over this expansion I started raiding the current content, and I have seen all the raid fights in appropriate gear level.

Out of all the four raids (I dont count BH) two boss fights stood out in my mind.

The best raid fight in Cataclysm goes to Baleroc!

This in an amazing fight, every member of the raid has a job to do. The DPS has to group in pairs next to crystals, where the healers would heal them to get a buff needed to seriously heal the constantly growing hp of the offtank.

The players all helped killing the gatekeeper in a completely new way.

The entire fight works like a clockwork, with the focus exclusively on the players with no RNG to worry about.

Once everyone got their part down (which showed the raid’s teamwork), the boss was a push over.

The Worst Boss Fight

You now know my favorite fight, but whats the worst? Well coincidentally the worst boss fight is also housed in the Fire lands

I did not like this fight from day one and she was one of the reasons I experienced burnout in Firelands.

Remember how I said that Baleroc made me feel like I was killing him in a new way?

Well I didn’t get that feeling for Lady Beth, The fight starts and the first thing she does is retreat to her web. While two or three players are blessed with the chance to do battle with her for most of the fight the rest of us have to deal with her adds.

Most of the fight is just trash pulls and I was always, Always, ALWAYS had to deal with the tiny spiders because we almost never had a hunter on hand. I had to AoE tiny orange spiders who are crawling on a red and orange background for ten times.

At the end of the fight, only then does the rest of the raid burns the boss down, while it Beth just does AoE damage.

That’s it, just terrible boss fight.

I have more Superlatives in mind (Best/worst 5man, NPC, remade zone, and any others that comes to my mind after posting this) that I will be posting as the expansion reaches towards its end

But I want to know that your favorite/worst Raid boss in this expansion in the comment below.

P.S I have two great news that happened last week.

First, I got a letter from New Hampshire’s State House, It is now official, I and now a candidate for a seat for NH State of Representatives of the Hillsborough county.

From the stats and information the WordPress gives me, there are three people who goes to my blog who can legally vote for me: my Dad, my Mom, and me on my mobile phone later in the day.

But that doesn’t mean that you , non-New Hampshirite can’t join in. Currently I don’t have a logo or a catchphrase to put on the buttons I’ll be ordering.  If you can think of one, let me know in the comments as well.

Secondly, Friday’s post pushed my total view OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!

DBZ jokes never gets old!

I would like to thank everyone who ever visited this site, it really made my weekend.

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10 responses to “#82 Cataclysm’s Superlatives (part 1)

  1. best and worst raid bosses hey

  2. Best Fight – Ultraxion Heroic:

    -Progressively harder for healers
    -Everyone has to use there utility skills so it isnt just on the tank to survive
    -Still a DPS race so you have to pull good numbers…even the tanks, or the healing gets too much for the healers.

    Worst fight – Chimaeron:

    -I hate going into a fight knowing that I will die in the last 20%….you know going into a fight knowing that you will die in order for the boss to be killed just sucks.

  3. You have completely different rankings than I do. As a tank, Baleroc was probably my least favorite fight. Especially in 10 man, where most people single tank it, you just sit there and pray your healers can top you off fast enough. None of your cooldowns really work against the damage, you don’t move, you don’t taunt. The only difference between an afk tank and a good tank on that fight is slightly more dps.

    As for my favorite, it would be heroic Al’akir (25 man, in this case). That fight was so difficult for a tank. You have to learn how to overcome RNG, manage your cooldowns to deal with extreme damage, and movement for both you and your teammates. After many, many attempts, it became a dance. It’s one of the few fights that gave tanks that “I am awesome” feeling, something I have only felt a handful of times in my 6 year tanking career.

  4. Although I haven’t yet done Madness heroic I think the normal version has become one of my favourite fights as well. I started out hating it but, the realization about how awesome bearcatting is has made that fight great fun!

    Why hasn’t elitegear commented yet? Stop slacking man!

  5. From the eyes of a healer the best fight has to be Chimaeron, while the idea of healing to a low health pool isn’t new the fact that it was done for most of the fight with the occasional burst of mad ass healing was fun, then the last 20% was hoping our DPS could do the last 20% fast enough not to die. A close 2nd to Ragnaros which was just epic alround

    The worst fight for me is is Madness, a dull fight repetitive that is mildly challenging on normal and lasts way too long. The killer for that fight is the jump boss that only seems to happen on the jump from the 3rd to the 4th platform meaning 10 minutes of flawless execution only to have to wipe cos a healer vanished into the abyss, out of range for a combat res and no reason for the fail.

    • I was going to add madness as the worst fight, but we actually dealt damage to deathwing. Plus I liked how the aspects help us by giving us their powers, but as they left us to deal with the head their powers left us (i think that originally the fight was suppose to be repetitive, but as we list buffs, the fight would dramatically change).

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