#81 Finally getting able to raid.

Oh boy, I’m excited because tonight I am going to be able to raid.

Ever since I came back from college I started a new job at a local fast food restaurant, manning the burgers and food, in short a Fry Cook

that’s right, I now have something in common with SpongeBob Squarepants


Because of my new night owl position, I have not been able to log in for my guild’s usual Friday/Saturday nights for the past month.

Tonight is my lucky night I am not scheduled for work this night, giving me a chance to catch-up on my friends in the guild.

I can’t wait for it. I already have a huge can of Mountain Dew, chilled, ready to be consumed by me to give me the energy to progress in the Heroic Dragon Soul.


Mnt Dew, the drink of Champion of the Frozen Wastes


It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that raiding is the only reason that I still play WoW. (I got burned out when I literally did every quest in the game)

Since it seems that weekend nights are not going to be free, I may have to look in some third-party LFRaid services for something to do on the weekdays. If anyone has any experiences with this leave a comment below I’ll be looking around for the weekend.



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3 responses to “#81 Finally getting able to raid.

  1. Well man we sure missed you. I think the raid is full tonight, but we will see if the regulars don’t show…..

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