#80 The mount collector’s look at the BMAH

One of the newest aspect of Mists of Pandaria that I have not talked about on this blog yet is the Black Market Auction House.

For those who are unaware about the Black Market, it is another gold sink in this expansion where NPCs will, at random times, will place valuable items on this auction house for players to bid against each other.

There is some potential for Blizzard to be clever with the lore with what NPC puts up what items.

From what I can gather from other sites, there will be current iLevel heroic epics and weapons, teir sets that have been lost between expansions and of course mounts and pets.

As I look at the list of items from WoWhead I have to ask the question a lot of people are thinking, “Is it fair?”

As a mount collector, and not a transmog/gear collector so I am going to just talk about my thoughts as someone who has 126 mounts.

From the nine mounts that looks like will be on the BMAH and I don’t mind that these mounts are “buyable” because except for Blue Proto Drake and the Swift White Hawkstrider, these are mounts that I can not farm by myself.


Did I ever tell you the time where in my raid group, this mount dropped for two weeks in a row and I didn’t win either one.


The Ashes of Al’ar and the Reins of the Drake of the South are all mounts that I would need at least 9 other players to kill the boss, and even if the mount did drop I would end up competing with these other players.

If my math is right, my chance for winning a mount for raids is either .1% or .004% of getting the mount by entering the raid every week. With those odds I would rather have to chance to buy it.


I would not mind dropping 20k+ gold for that mount


The other non-raid mounts are not that unique unique of a design and they have been in the game long enough that most of them are easily soloable if you want to save the gold.

My problem with the Black Market Auction House would start if Blizzard decides to sell mounts that took time and effort to get (The Netherwing drakes or, my personal favorite, the Black War bear)  instead of farming the RNG chances.


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6 responses to “#80 The mount collector’s look at the BMAH

  1. I have mixed feelings because I think it will vary from person to person just how hard to obtain any given mount is/was. For example, I wouldn’t class my Black War Bear as something I had to put a lot of effort into, we used to organise lots of city raids for fun as a guild so it was just something I picked up whilst killing lots of Horde. On the other hand, everywhere I look right now people are taunting me with their green protodrakes and all I get from those stupid eggs are aged yolks (ignoring the fact that technically that makes more sense than any of the alternatives).

    Most things in WoW devalue with time and I think I’m ok with the idea of people who have massive amounts of gold buying things which cost me time but which I’ve had for much longer than them.

    • I envy the ease that it took to get the Black Bear, for me I had to spend hours recruiting people, replacing people and organizing them so that they all attack at the same time.

      As I see it (and I should have added it to the post) but it seems to be that the time and effort to get the Blazing Drake would equal to about the same as farming for the gold, assuming that you don’t go the a Gold-farming site.

  2. JD Kenada

    Great take on the BMAH. I’ve got my own in the works, but I will say that I seem to be in the minority on it being all that detrimental to the game.

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