#79 Always want what you can’t have

As I was reading some blogs around the internet I stumbled upon   Azerothian  Life’s topic of things you always wanted but cannot get in WoW and it has inspired me to make my own list of some things that I want, but cannot get.


1. Purple Skeletal Warhorse/ Black War Hawkstrider

When I was saving up my gold for epic riding (back when it was only obtained at level 60) these were my first two epic land mounts. I got the  Hawkstider first because I had the PvP tokens and it saved me some gold to set aside for the skill.  But once I got some more money in Outland I went back to buy the beautiful Purple Skeletal Warhorse.

So epic….

These were the two that started my mount collection, and when I switched to the Alliance side, I could not take them with me and they were replaced with the Alliance racial mounts.

Even though I have the reskins of the mounts on my Alliance main, it’s not the same as the original two mounts.


2 Lil’ Deathwing Pet and the goods from the Cataclysm Collection Edition

I don’t say this often, but just look at the detail of the jaw!

I was able to get the Wrath of the Lich King Collection Edition for my birthday when the expansion came out, so I was able to get the Frosty pet, the TCG and the soundtrack to the expansion.

Fastforward to Catalysm’s announcement, and was in college (with no car) and  I forgot to preorder the Collect0r’s Edition of Catalsym and I am kicking myself for it, to the point where the moment Mists of Pandaria’s Collection Edition’s goods are announced I am going to race to a Gamestop or Best Buy to put down my deposit for the game


3.  To have another Max level 

This is my own problem, for the life of me I can not play the same game twice. Not just WoW, but Limbo, The Bastion, and Pokemon games I love playing the first time I can’t replay a game that I already know the ending to.

I started her at the dying days of Wrath, and she is nowhere near max level.

I want another Max Level toon to raid with and to farm gold but I can’t get her to end game, before I was too busy with prepping my main for Mists but now I just have burnout.


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11 responses to “#79 Always want what you can’t have

  1. Thanks for the pingback 🙂 You should add a link on Blogazeroth.com in the Shared topic section 🙂

    I miss my venomhide raptor 😦 Damn faction mounts :p

  2. Blogazeroth huh? I’ll go check that place out.

    Yeah the Vemonhide was an awesome mount with an awesome quest chain to get it

  3. The pet is one of the reasons I like buying the CE’s.
    Good to see another person doing these ST’s

  4. I wish I’d bought all the collector’s editions. Oh well! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  5. JD Kenada

    I understand completely regarding mounts. I actually won’t faction change a toon for that very reason. My Draenei Hunter has the Winterspring Frostsaber, and if I faction transfer he will lose it for the raptor. No thanks.

  6. Funny thing about the collectors addition stuff…. When BC and WotLK came out I would have never considered paying extra for in game items, and now I wish I had them. But because I’ll never have them all, I’m un-motivated to by new collector’s additions either. Thanks for the interesting take.

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