#78 Will we ever see a Blizzard crossover?

One of my hobbies as a geek is collecting and reading comic books. (My favorite Superhero series is the adventure of Spider-man)

One of my favorite thing about comic book heroes is the crossovers stories, seeing your favorite heroes  fighting long side each other.

Throughout learning and reading the vast, complex history of comic books characters, I came to accept the fact that there will some heroes that will never meet.

I also learned to never say never, because this month two big crossovers comics are on sale, with characters that most people could imagine seeing together.

The first one is the mini-series Spider-Men, which brings together two Spider-mans from the two different Marvel Universes.

This is the meetup between the Amazing Spider-man and the new Ultimate Spider-man

The other one is a Star Trek the Next Generation and the Doctor Who cross over

“Set phasers to wobbly”

As I was reading these two crossovers I asked myself a question, “Will Blizzard ever join two of their three Universe?”

Warcraft seems to be the Universe that could be connected to either Diablo or Starcraft universe. Diablo has Demons and magic, based in a medieval world.

We are one Warlock mispronouncing a demon summoning spell to bring the wrath of Diablo onto Azeroth.

The first time I saw the Starcraft teams, I thought that there was a connection between the Zerg and the Aqiri insects that are found in Silithus (both threaten the inhabitants with an invasion, and their bases do look similar)

To a lesser geek this could be confused with a bug-creature

Both Starcraft and Warcraft both has space traveling blue aliens with technology that surpassed the humans’ tech in every way.

“You must construct additional Pylons!”

When I’m talking about a crossover, I am not talking about a clever cameo or a minipet reference I’m talking about a quest objective in a video game or a part of a short story.

I doubt that there will be any canon confirming lore unless Blizzard start scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but if the next World of Warcraft expansion takes place on a different planet and we have to grind rep with the Terrans.

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