#76 The Three evil forces in Pandaria

One of the big draw of Mist of Pandria is that there is no big enemy that both faction will have to worry about in this expansion.

Before we had Deathwing, the Lich King and  the Burning Legion that forced the Horde and Alliance to join together for the last raid.

But in Mist of Pandaria we don’t have one main villain, not two but three evil forces that you, the player, have to fight against to stop their plans for conquering the world.

We have the Lawful Evil Mogu, they once ruled Pandaria and all they want is to get it back


The Mogu has the ‘best’ motivation to fight in Pandaria


Then there’s the Warcraft faction that you are not on, they are the Neutral Evil. They just want Pandaria because your team wants it too,  I call this Little Brother Logic.


What? An Alliance was spotted going to an island to look for the King’s lost son? LAUNCH A FULL ASSAULT!


Then we have the Sha, Chaotic Evil, that just want to destroy the world for the sake of destruction.


I really hope The Sha and the Old Gods have a connection, or better they team up!


Throughout the expansion, and future 5.X patches you are supposed to stop all three forces from fulfilling their separate plans.

This reminds be of vanilla WoW end game where you had to jungle the Fire Elemental invasion, the crazy Black Dragon flight and the Scourge in the Plaugelands.

My only concern is that Blizzard does not follow through with these evils in future patches. I hope that we see a quest in patch 5.1, 5.2, ect that follows up on the Mogu’s plan B the strategy they use after you arrive and mess up their base the first time. Also, I hope to that Blizzard follows through on the lore setups that they created in Cataclysm.


I can’t wait to see her special brand of crazy again


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2 responses to “#76 The Three evil forces in Pandaria

  1. I’m glad that you categorized each of the enemies with lawful / neutral / chaotic. In hindsight it makes sense, but when I was ingame doing the quests I sort of got all their motivations confused. How would you characterize the Mantid?

    I’m also worried that Blizzard will fail to follow up on some of these threats. The lack of closure for Vash’jir and many of the low-level Cata zones was disappointing. I hope they don’t make the same mistake again. 😦

  2. For a mantid, truth be told I didn’t get far into Pandaria to categorize those bugs. But I would have to guess they are True Neutral creatures, they search for food and they eat it, they only become a problem when they invade someone’s farmland or they are controlled by the Sha.

    I would be so disappointed if Blizzard drop the ball on the Cata leads, I’m looking for a power vacuum/struggle for the Horde side and some offence form the Alliance side

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