#75 The post where I brag that I added another bird mount to my collection

Two days ago, while going through my regular routine of Dailies and Dungeon runs when I was treated with a very surprising treat:


This was at 10:30 at night. I’m pretty sure that I woke up half of my family with my screaming.


The reins of the Raven Lord has a 1% drop since Blizzard added him as a regular boss in the Heroic Sethekk Halls and being the mount enthusiast, I was trying to get this mount for a long, long time.


131 kills. Statically speaking I should have gotten that mount at the 100th kill. This is why I am not a Math major. 


It has been a total of 4 mouths of constantly killing the same three bosses just for one item, but it was worth it because I am riding on a boss that I have grown to loath.


It kind of satisfying that the time I got the mount was the run where I killed him before he went into his Immunity phase.


Now I am done with solo dungeon runs until Mist of Pandaria, where I will be strong enough to solo run the Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon to try to get the Reins of the Blue Protodrake.


I can’t wait to see this loading screen every day after I ding 90


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7 responses to “#75 The post where I brag that I added another bird mount to my collection

  1. Oh big grats! He really plays hard to get that bird!

  2. clumsygrrrl

    Ahh congrats!! Silly RNG.

  3. Jeff

    Congratulations – you’ve inspired me to start my very own grind for this bird… 131 tries tho….

  4. I’ve successfully downed Skadi in ilvl398 as a Shadow Priest. You too ought to be able to do it , especially as a mage

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