#74 Going back to the talents trees

While going back to Pandaria that I have noticed two thing about mages: I will either love or hate the complex After Time spell and I have grown to like the new talent trees

During the second week of this blog’s  I wrote a blog post talking about the talent tree’s history and changes the changes that is going to be Mist of Pandaria (Be MOP #5) . To summarize the my fifth (and somehow my most popular) post, I didn’t like the new talent trees because it didn’t get the feeling that I was actively improving my character. There was no +4% crit change for spells, or ways for you to improve a spell, it all felt like it was automatic.

It’s all too simple in my opinion. Too much like Diablo’s spell book.

But after getting to play the beta, I can understand what the game developers wanted this change. Instead of having the class improve their spec with every couple of levels, now each talent choice increased the skill of the class.

A fire mage is not becoming a better fire mage in Mist of Pandaria now we see mages, of any spec, level up and become better mages  with spells that they learned by themselves and not through the class trainers.

With that knowledge I can say that I am not that upset about the change now, and even though I hate people who claim old content was better (as written in Be MOP’s #69) I will state that I not only like the Cataclysm talent trees more than the Mist of Pandaria’s talent tree, but I think it was the perfect way to approach the talent system (granted only if you never add any new levels to your game).

I can justify this hypocritical statement of favoring a previous expansion’s of gameplay  because the two expansions approach the talent system with two different way of thinking, more manual changes vs automatic talents, with all the talent’s bonuses are built-in to every spell.  I can choose side when it comes to two different schools of thoughts because I am a Political Science student and that is what I do.

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