#73 This is suppose to be a World of Warcraft Beta blog right?

For a few weeks there have not been a whole lot of Mist of Pandaria news, Diablo casted a shadow over any Blizzard development news.

Now we get to turn our focus back to Pandaria, with the news that in the beta!

Kicking things off with a very nice new log-in screen

Just the other day Blizzard raised the level cap of the beta to 90 and they opened up the last zones for players to explore.

On top of the raised level cap, we now have the latest tier of talents for all of the classes, flying mounts can now be used in Pandaria AND the Pet Battle systems seems to be ready.

I can not wait to get my hands on all of the new content. Let me just boot up the beta to see where I left off…

Oh, only level 87

I seem to have not played the beta for about three or so weeks. To be fair I had Diablo 3 to distract me for about a week, then I had Pokemon week to worry about, and then last week of no beta play because I was too busy playing through the Humble Bundle games.

The Bastion is by far my favorite game that I have played this year, it’s a game that starts off with you knowing no information about the world and it ends with you forming an emotional connection to charters that never speaks.

I guess I’m paying for it now, for this week I’m going to be focused on leveling on my mage through the next expansion. Lets just hope that no other big game events happens this week to distract me from Warcraft.

Here’s looking at you Steam, You didn’t think that I forgot your famous Summer sale extravaganza did you?

The next few posts should be going back to the blog’s roots, and have some in-depth posts solely  about beta.

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One response to “#73 This is suppose to be a World of Warcraft Beta blog right?

  1. aqusinna

    I have a new focus on kitty dps, going to be hitting LFR this next week in a new kitty off spec. My goal is to top 80K on madness…I know its possible!

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