#72 We interrupt this Warcraft Blog Post for an Important message about the Humble Bundle

There wasn’t much WoW news going around, as luck would have it the newest Humble Bundle was released Thursday. It would be a shame not to talk about  the Humble Bundle, and what it is.

The Humble Bundle is a third-party distributor that asks developers to donate their games for charity. There are a handful of games to buy (Amnesia, Psychoauts, LIMBO, and Superbrothers:Sword & sorcery) where you can set your own price, but the gimmick is if you pay above the average price you get another you get the extra bonus (The award-winning game Bastion as well) with all of their soundtracks as well.

Since it’s my blog I’m going through each game with brief description and what I think of it.

LIMBO: A great goth platformer game that lets you play as a child making his way through the new and very confusing world. Within seconds the mood is set and maintained with absolutely no speech or writing. By the way this game ends, it definitely fulfills  the “arty game” title with no objection from me. I already bought this game over the winter break, and it was worth every penny.

This game alone is reason to by the Bundle

Superbrothers: I haven’t played this game yet, and it seems the most odd. There’s some fighting and adventure in an 8-bit style world, and that’s all I know.  I’m still interested in this one and I will defiantly spend some time on the weekend to see what it’s all about.

Bastion: The plot for this game is that you wake up one day and the world is destroyed and you have to go around to trying to rebuild. It’s an action dungeon crawler game, similar to a Diablo game with using left and right mouse keys and a lot of keyboard buttons. What’s impressive about this game is the voice acting, the man who they got to be the narrator could rival Morgan Freeman and the game developers made it so that every bit of the narrator’s dialogue only happens once, so nothing is ever repeated.

I started playing this last night and before I knew it two hours had passed me by, it’s that good.

Psychonauts: My brother played this game ands he loved it, from what I can tell it is about a physic that goes into different people’s minds and….do something. Save the world? My brother wasn’t very clear on the plot he just told me to buy this mind bending game as soon as possible.

These were the people who created Brütal Legend if it’s any consolation

Amneasia: the Dark Descent: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE This game has the reputation for the scariest game out there right now, enough to make even the more jaded video game player end up squealing like a little girl. I’m not going to play it, if you think you’re braver than this game then you are wrong. Amneasia’s pacing for this game is, I hear, superb and is nothing like the action-horror of today.

NOPE, It’s still good though

These games are all great and as of writing this the average price to unlock the Bastion game is about $7.70 (Which is much cheaper than buying these games separately)  and you not only choose the price, but you also decide where that money goes to the EFF or Child’s Play charities or to the game developers and the Humble bundle people who organized this event.

I, the saint, sent all of my ten dollars to Child’s Play while my aspiring video game developer brother sent his ten dollars to the game developers and the people who hosted the Humble Bundle. No matter where you choose your money to go, you can know that every penny will be sent to that organization and it will be used for good. Act soon the Bundle deal only last for two weeks.

The link again is: http://www.humblebundle.com/

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5 responses to “#72 We interrupt this Warcraft Blog Post for an Important message about the Humble Bundle

  1. aqusinna

    There was a new Beta release the Had a bunh of sound updates and class changes…. and Green Lantern is now GAY!


    Now with the new green Lantren news I just don’t know what to do with myself! OMG!

  2. This has got to be one of the best humble bundles yet! I watched somone else play Amnesia once before, so I can honestly say it does it’s job VERY well and I will NOT be playing it at night, haha.

    Psychonauts is an amazing game with amazing dialogue and amazing environments and amazing characters and ugh… I could go on. One of the most fun things you can do on a computer. All you really need to know to make you want to play Psychonauts is this: Tim Schafer.

  3. Discovered it thanks to this post and just bought my own bundle. Thanks for a awesome link :)!

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