#71 Teach a man to rant and you will find out why he won’t fish

I  have played continuously through Cataclysm and throughout the sixteen months of questing, exploring, and raiding I have one noticeable complaint about the expansion, the poor implication of the daily fishing quests.

Fishing dailies was added in Burning Crusade and continued with every expansion and I enjoyed all of the dailies offered in Shattrath and Dalaran, but in Cataclysm I stopped finding motivation to complete the quest (even in the beginning of the expansion’s life cycle).

Looking back, I found why I never liked doing the fishing dailies in Stromwind it was because I was not actually fishing up anything good.

I have launched countless assaults on the Ice Crown Citadel and killed Deathwing. Why am I asked to fish up a locket in a city?


In Burning Crusade and in Wrath, the fishing dailies sends you all around the current continent doing odd deeds for the quest giver. In Cataclysm the quest doesn’t take you anywhere, they just ask you to move around the city fishing in low-level waters .

And because I was fishing in low-level waters I did not get the unintentional benefit of fishing up relevant fishes to use for that expansion’s cooking recipes.

I remember completing the quest Dangerously Delicious and flying out of Wintergrasp with enough fish to cooks some additional fish feasts for that week’s raid.

In Cataclysm there was no quest reason for going to Twilight Highlands to fish there, turned Cataclysm‘s fishing into a RNG based grind. As I experienced with Archaeology, if there is no gameplay reason to do something I will avoid that aspect of gameplay like the plague.

I only reached my archaeology cap because there was a quest in Drakmoon Faire that told to be do something related tho this time sink

I do understand why the Cataclysm fishing daily was not as good as the other fishing dailies. With the revamping of the old content, it would not seem efficient to add two different cooking/fishing dailies for the leveling characters and other set of dailies for the 85 players.

I haven’t been beta for quite a while, so I don’t know if there is any fishing dailies added yet or see what types of quests are in the Mist of Pandaria fishing quests but I hope, for the sake of my cooking, that some of the quests actually involve fishing in Pandaria.

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