#66 A Blast from the past

Today’s post I want to try something different, instead of writing about my adventures in Warcraft will be showing you some of my favorite screenshots that I have collected from my years of playing. Think of it as a clip show for a blog.


This was a screenshot of me in my current guild after we just downed out first boss in Cataclysm. I remember spending weeks on this boss, wipe after wipe after wipe once we finally killed him it was the first sign that I was becoming a current tier raider.  (1/23/11)

Back when I was a Horde member, my mage was an Undead and I remember having so much fun with the Flamestrike spell. Casting it in several odd placed in main Horde cities (2/16/09)

I took this picture as soon as I got the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta-meat achievement. It took me two years to get this mount because I missed one elder in a dungeon that disqualified me from getting the Elder title. (2/18/10)


A lucky screenshot of my Guild’s raid on Valiona and Theralion. I like this screenshot so much that I had as wallpaper for my phone for months. It was a surprise that I kept up my Dps when i was taking so many pictures. (3/4/11)


Back in my PvP days there was this one particularly long Alterac Valley battleground, where the Alliance successfully summoned Ivus the Forest Lord.  I was shocked that there was this aspect of the battleground that I never saw before that day. (9/18/08)


This was my first official epic armor collection, I did so much PvP in Burning Crusade I was able to buy the majority of this set once I dinged 70. I’m on a quest now to get this tier set back on my mage again for Transmog. (10/11/08)


This one is by far one of my best screenshot, I took this on my Undead when an Alliance raid was trying to kill Sylvanas for the Black Bear mount. I was extremely lucky to get her in that light and in that…..interesting pose.  (1/11/09)

Next week I’m going back to writing, but until then have a great weekend!


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