#65 This post is NOT about Diablo 3

The title’s correct, I am not going to mention anything about Blizzard’s newest game that was released yesterday, I just put it in the title to get some extra traffic.

This picture is here just to further my point

By the way, the picture on the right is my Battletag. Feel free to add me, I will be actively playing  over the summer

Instead I’m going to talk about solo end game content that will be present in Mist of Pandaria.

One of the criticisms that Cataclysm had been that there was nothing to do, by yourself, once you hit level 85.

The Cata quests were designed that you would reach the appropriate level requirement once you complete the main, and in some zones, the only story of that area. The problem was occurred when you finished Twilight Highlands, hit level 85 and there was no more level 84-85 quests to complete (going back and questing in the other Cata starting zone does not count)

While in Wrath, when I hit level cap there was still several quest chains that I didn’t even know about. I only completed the Lich King’s heart and half of the boat quests when I went back there for the Loremaster Achievement. Plus I chose Ice Crown over Storm Peaks for my questing experience, so I also had ¾ of Storm Peaks to explore as well.

Blizzard learned from Cata when building Mist of Pandaria. There’s not one main story, but several other quest chains

It seems that the zones are saturated with quests (which is never a bad thing) When I quested through the Jade Forest I tried to get through all of the quests before moving on. Even though all the quests before moving on, but even through I ended the main story there was still a few quest chains that I didn’t get to

I still have a quest chain in the lower right hand corner.

In the Valley of the Four winds, I focused more on the Chen Stormstout and LiLi quests, because it was the main quests. As I received the breadcrumb to go to the next zone I had even more uncompleted quests than in the Jade Forest.

There was a whole bunch of quests at Halfhill that I completely ingored

At the rate that I’m leveling, once I hit level 90, there will be plenty of solo-able quests to complete when I want to kill time or want some extra gold at max level.

Which is great because now I do not have to rely on archaeology or the repetitive dailies to burn time in Heroic Dungeon queues….Atleast for the first few weeks of max level


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