#64 The Valley of the Four winds review

Over the weekend I decided to log in to the Beta and quest through the Valley of the Four Winds.

The first thought when I look back on my adventures through the zone was, “I liked it much better than the Jade Forrest.”

Not to say that I did not like the Jade Forest, I do.  It’s just that I prefer the sprawling fields and meadows than the tall, towering mountains and trees.

The tallest thing you see in the valley is the great wall of Chin-er… Pandaria.

The plot of the Valley of the Four Winds is also completely different from the Jade Forest.

In the Jade Forrest it was mostly focused on the Alliance/Horde exploration through the new land with a hint of local life. While in the Valley the story is about you exploring the new land and the uninterrupted Pandarian life.

The breadcrumb quest that gets you to the Valley drops you off with Chen Stormstout and his niece,  Li Li (which you could have met in the Wandering Isles if you rolled a Pandarian). The main story is following them around while they explore the land looking for long-lost family ties.

The Chen Stormstout and Li Li goes to a farm first where it opens some side quests to help the farmer’s family, and everywhere you go with there is more farming side quests.

As you explore with them, guess what? The escort quest have the NPC running at the same speed and no wild beasts jumping out and attack them!

Truly we finally see the death of the last aspect of vanilla WoW

The whole area was focused on the peaceful farming lifestyle with every evil things happening. The biggest conflicts was vermin stealing crops and  Chen Stormstout the best way to brew the best beer.

Although it may seem like a pointless zone in the grand theme of the war between The Horde and the Alliance. It becomes crucial to the players because it set up the way the natives lived peacefully on their farms it gives us a break from our factions and it shows how drastically the Alliance and Horde will ruin the Island with their hatred, and it gives the players a break from the Alliance-Horde conflict.


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