#63 A mount collector’s opinion on the account-wide mount sharing

Last week Blizzard announced that in Mist of Pandaria most of the mounts that you have earned on your main will be able to be shared between all of your alts.

While I was listening to The Sundering podcast, one of the hosts  started to complain about how the account-wide mounts will ruin the game and how after this expansion his hard earned mounts will decrease in value.

Even though there have been a lot of things said about the account bound mount changes, by a lot of other people, I have decided to add my own two cents about this issue.

Before I begin to voice my opinion I would like to state my credentials. I have a Violet Proto Drake, a Sandstone (Vial of the Sands) Drake, a Traveler’s Tundra mammoth, a PvP Black Bear, and my Blue Dragonhawk that I earned back in Wrath of the Lich King.

Ten full pages of mounts, plus 6 making a total of 126 mounts, that’s right I have more mounts than Twitter followers

Now that I have shown to you my qualifications that I am fit enough to give my opinion on this issue, let me tell you that I cannot fucking wait for this change.

I have already completed this incredibly difficult challenge of going through the game and collecting 100 mounts , I would hate if if I had to go back and gather the same 100 mounts for all of my alts.

It have been years of me playing this game to progress in the Mountain of Mounts achievement, I remember making a list of mounts to collect when I was in highschool when I was just aiming for my 50 mount achievement.

I have spent an uncountable amount of time grinding quests, rep, and dungeons for rare mounts, I wouldn’t want to wish that experience on anyone else.

I have spent months constantly going to the Argent Tournament Grounds, that god forsaken place, doing every daily I could including the heroic dungeon to grind enough tokens to buy the two mounts from every faction that is present.

I have grown to loathe this place, If I have to take another step on that grounds again it will be too soon.

I even gave up a chance to meet Emma Watson because there was a chance to get mount #96. Why on Earth would I want to go through that again? (Full story at Be MOP #12)

One of the complaints is that with more characters having access to the rare mounts of the main that it will dilute the importance of the mount, but how I see it is that there’s not more mounts being introduced into Azeroth. We now have more characters sharing the goods of the player.

If we asked all the players with Red/Blue Dragonhawk mounts to show their mounts, that number will not change when Mist of Pandaria hits, because even though the mounts are shared, no one player can log on to the live servers as two of their characters from the one account and because people need to log off of one character to try to add to the number, the net number of people will stay the same.

I do agree that Blizzard should not give account wide access to class specific mounts (the Deathkight and the Warlock land mounts) since it would look weird for a mage or priest to be riding a horse that was given to a deathknight by Arthas.

What people don’t realized is that  this change will more likely encourage the players, to play their alts, since now I’m not pressured to go back and grind for days on end to get my favorite flying mounts for my druid.


You can find The Sundering’s weekly podcast at http://thesundering.net/

I’m also on Twitter

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


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One response to “#63 A mount collector’s opinion on the account-wide mount sharing

  1. aqusinna

    “it will dilute the importance of the mount”

    I would like to argure that. Being a level 20 character riding on Invincible ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/50818) doesnt change that fact that the dude playing that account beat heroic 25 man LK and won that mount!

    Same think with any of the mounts you have to grind hours and hours for.

    What it does do is make people less likely to redo achievements and it makes it way harder to lie about having 8/8 heroic experience on your main and just being too lazy to log over to link it 😉

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