#62 Can the increased Dragon Soul debuff really hurt the raiders in some encounters?

A few weeks ago Blizzard buffed the Dragon Soul nerf up to 20% (up from 15%), and during the week of the nerf implication I was off having more fun off finishing the last few loose ends at college.

After my last final I logged to partake in some good old fashion Deathwing killing, everything was going great, we were downing bosses faster than before until we reached the Spine of Deathwing encounter.

While we were on the Worldbeaker’s back we wiped and wiped on that fight, where before we one-shotted before the 5% change.

A lot of raiders saw Deathwing for this angle that night

The only thing that changed in the fight was that we were killing the Corruptions too fast before we could rip the next scale from Deathing’s back.

There was one wipe where the one Corruption was killed while Deathwing was in mid-roll and the new Corruption spawned directly under us.

We soon found out that we had too much stray DPS on the Corruption (people, including myself, were just adding DoTs on the Curruptions)

Even when just had our shadow priest to just did the bare minimum DPS to break the players out of the Fiery Grip we still end up having an extra Hideous Amalgamation spawn towards the crucial parts of the fight, either the first Amalgamation had 9 stacks, being close to exploding or we were too busy concentrating on the exposed tenant.

He’s like a bad house-guest, always showing up uninvited

This leads me to ask  if the 20% nerf to the raid bosses actually hurting the players when there is an encounter where an add or a boss needs to alive during certain part of the fight.

I  shudder to think how the Spine of Deathwing fight will change even more when the boss nerf will go up to 25%, and eventually 30%, I wonder if the strategy of the fight will change once we become too powerful, for example, after the next nerf you are expected to completely kill the first Amalgamation, and save the 9 bloods for second one that will end up spawning.

And because It’s been a few weeks since I gave out anything cool in a while, today a random commenter of this post will win a  Star Wars the Old Republic taun taun pet that I picked up from PAX EAST.

Picture from DarthHater.com

As always I will pick a winner 5/10 11:59 EST


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5 responses to “#62 Can the increased Dragon Soul debuff really hurt the raiders in some encounters?

  1. aqusinna

    dont worry Noah, this week Our Rogue will get his ledgendary and we will be pushing heroics.

    Not sure how far you ventured into ICC hardmodes before the buff, but there are alot of mechanics that simply got ignored. I recall 9 manning, one tanking the first 4 on heroic 10 man when the second tank was late. and that was in a mix of 259/264 gear. Last time I was in there at 85 with cata gear I took less damage one tanking then the dps/healers did …

  2. aqusinna

    I might have a guy that would like that pet if noone else answers though 😉

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