#59 The Jade Forrest review

During this past month I was able to find time to quest through the Jade Forest area in the beta, and no surprise was epic. While I am a month old in my review I’m going to do it anyways because it’s my blog because I said so.

As I played on my mage in Pandaria, the first thing I noticed was that my mage PvE raiding rotation is completely ruined. The game designers changed the mage spells so that they do slightly different things, like how Fire Blast always crits now, how Inferno Blast (the upgraded version of Fire Blast, will always crits, and how Combustion is on a shorter cooldown, but now takes into account the dot of Flamestrike.

That means I’m going to have to find a way to cast that AoE spell in a raid boss fight. While these are not bad changes, it did throw a monkey wrench into a well oiled veteran mage’s rotation when he was pulling every monster in a village.

Now my mage has to go and relearn how to pwn noobs


Anyways back to the Jade Forest….

The Jade Forest is a great introduction to Pandaria, it sets up the stage for the rest of Pandanaria, where you are dropped off in a foreign world where you, the player, go around helping the citizens being productive and then your drunk friends, the members of your faction, come in a mess everything else up.  (I don’t want to write about the spoilers and plot advancements later)

The Jade Forest’s quests really long, I was able to spend hours in one zone, but there was never a time when I asked myself if I was ever done with the zone. I was constantly entertained with the quests with all the

The zone also feels really big. Every quest hub is more concentrated with quests, and for gathering or killing quests it never goes that far away from the quest-giver. So once you complete ten or fifteen quests in the town, and you get a breadcrumb quest to the next area, even if it’s just the next town over it feels like you did more than the other expansion starting zones. It also  helps that Blizzard does not allow you to fly in Pandaria, which forces people to explore and properly appreciate the artwork.

Just beautiful, and I would completely missed it if I just flew to every location

I’m now in the Valley of the Four Winds, and I plan to do a review/recap/first impressions of that when I finished all the quest of the zone.


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5 responses to “#59 The Jade Forrest review

  1. aqusinna

    did you manage to get to the 87 cap?

  2. aqusinna

    so you finished the first area and only 1 1/2 levels. How long in ist current state will it take people to cap after release?

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