#58 My “adventures” in the Guild Wars 2 beta

Well damn, the plan was that I was going to have the weekend completely free and during that time I would play the Guild Wars 2 beta and then do a nice little writeup on the game.

What I played, my adventures through this new MMO, do a brief compare/contrast to WoW with me answering the question, “Would I buy this game?”

It would have been a perfect first blog post about other betas while still tying back to World of Warcraft. After the 9 hours of downloading the Guild Wars 2 client over the terrible college internet connection I was greeted with an error code, all weekend long.

Code 42:0:9001:3858:101 After a while I saw The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy's 42 and Dragon Ball Z's OVER 9000!!!! in the error code, so I knew they must be pranking me.

I was not alone, there have been many others who could not get into the beta because of this error. The worst thing was that my younger brother was able to play all weekend long. Curses. It was a shame too, this weekend was going to be my personal test to see if I would actually would like the game enough to buy the full version during the summer.

At the end of the day I can not stay mad, I do realize that it was a beta trial and a stress test for the game servers and I was just a bit of test information, information that will help Arenanet to make the game better when it finally launches.

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2 responses to “#58 My “adventures” in the Guild Wars 2 beta

  1. aqusinna

    I got in Sunday afternoon. It was a good game but I gotta say that I was not “blown away”. Very Simple PvE, end game content seemed to be geared toward PvP. The Dynamic events were cool but have obvious issues and I worry about scaling problems once the initial leveling rush is over.

    Not enough time by far to see everything in one weekend but I have questions on the staying power after a few months. If you don’t PvP that is.

  2. Best Guild Wars 2 article on a blog i have read so far, i have subscribed you dude. Anyone who is considering to buy gw2, should go buy or trade themself to a beta key or renting a gw2 account from gw2trade.dk , this game is so awesome man, release it!

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