#57 What’s in a name?

I must apologize, today was supposed to be the day where I talk about pet battle system that was just added in the beta, BUT because Blizzard suspended the pet battle system for a while, I could not play any battles after my classes got out.

I already had my Pokemon battle theme queued up and everything


I can’t really talk about something that I don’t have not played yet. So today I’m going to tell you a little story about how I chose the name Noahdeer for my main and for my Battletag.

I’m a firm believer that names are very important to the game, it makes your character feel unique and it makes you stand out in a raid.

I created the name Noahdeer a long time ago, back in highschool. I was in Algebra class, after just getting out of English which was reading The Odyssey, and I was thinking of the story where Odysseus met a cyclops on the of the many islands.

The story goes that when the cyclops named Polyphemus asked Odysseus for his name, he said that his name was “Noman” ( pronounced No*man) and when Odysseus and his men tricked Polyphemus and punctured his eye, as the Polyphemus yelled for help to the other Cyclops, he said that “Noman is killing me by fraud! Noman is killing me by force!” and no other Cyclops helped him because they all heard that No man is killing me, and No man has wronged me.

I do enjoy the classics


So as I thought of the story in my Algebra class, as natural thought popped into my head, ‘What should my alias be if I ever want to rob a bank”

Thinking of the Odysseus, I created the name Noahdeer (pronounced No*Idea ) and I chuckled when I imagined policemen saying that they have no idea as their top suspect.

While I given up plans to rob a bank at gunpoint (I did decided to go to into politics) I still held onto that name for a few years after when I was faced with the question of what to name my mage in World of Warcraft. Right now I have Noahdeer#1274 as my Battle tag, so when the service goes live, this will be the name you can use to find me.


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2 responses to “#57 What’s in a name?

  1. aqusinna

    I’m not going to lie, I hit the randomize name button…and voila…Aqusinna

    Not quite the story you have but its the truth!

  2. elitegear1

    No idea haha , AQ sounds like a water bottle company here in the states. Maybe thats why he is always so refreshing in raids. (Bourbon) My name comes from my real name. most people think it is the F word or fear ward.

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