#56 The Fish and the Monkeys

One of the themes that Blizzard want to convey to their players in this expansion is that there is no big bad boss in  Mist of Pandaria. If anything it’s starting to seems that the Alliance and the Horde are the antagonist, we are the ones that wash ashore and start disrupting the peaceful world  of this isolated island.

An example of the Alliance and the Horde being the bad guys is shown in the Jade Forest with the two new factions we met the Jinyu and the Hozen.

The Jinyu are a race of calmer, intelligent race that look after all the waters of Pandaria, while the Hozen are more hostile and primitive race.  These two factions have been fighting on the island before we arrived there, but because of our presence the conflict has escalated . I’ll give you a guess who aligns themselves with what Faction.

Hint: The Jinyu does not look good in red

For the Alliance, you meet up with Jinyu when you are gathering members of the SI:17 and you learn that these people  have been attacked by the Hozen and was exiled from their town.

Once the Jinyu agree to work with you,  the Alliance start supplying these new people with weapons and the skills to fight better. You personally give some of the refugees swords, daggers and paladin hammers and you then go around with these new warriors teaching them how to master their new skills.

Not the best screen caption, but all around my mage you see Jinyus using Alliance gear to slay the Hozen

Through my adventure with the Jinyu, the Alliance was able to lead Jinyus into the Hozen camp and slay one of the power leaders. I’m going to let that sink in, the Alliance help lead a victory in Mist of Pandaria, it’s a refreshing change of pace from last expansion.

This whole thing reminds me of the Cold War, when both United Stats  and the Soviet Union would fund other country’s organizations to fight each other for  their beliefs, Vietnam, Greece and many part of Africa received aid for the name of Capitalism or Communism. ( Hey, gotta find a chance to use my Political Science degree at lest once)

Except now we will see the financial benefactors will get in and fight alongside the Jinyu and Hozen. I have yet to get to the other zone but I am interested in learning how our factions will destroy the beautiful new island and how our characters will have to go back and try to fix the problem, if we can.


On the topic of Cold War and other wars last night I received an email saying that I have been accepted into the Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend event, It just so happen to be the weekend before finals.

Looking through my goodie bags I got from PAXEast, I found some more Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys and I am going to be giving  all three beta keys out to three lucky people who comment below.

I must be spoiled from Blizzard's month-long betas, because I was surprised to see a weekend-long beta test.


One entry per person, and the I’ll be picking the winners 4/26 11:59 EST


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14 responses to “#56 The Fish and the Monkeys

  1. elitegear1

    Wonderful article. You must play a Priest in WOW as you are so intelligent. Enjoy more Chicken. Nom Nom Nom

  2. Primal Zed

    Knew about the escalated faction tensions, but very surprised at this Cold War approach. You’re spot on with that, it’s exactly what I thought of when I read about handing out weapons to enable one side in this little battle. Let’s just hope we won’t see any Jinyu flying gyrocopters into Stormwind Castle!

    Better get those GW2 beta keys out quick! (double pistols & a wink!) They’re only good for the weekend of the 27th.

  3. Rich Kolb

    Interesting comparison to the Cold War

  4. Niklas Lennerdahl

    I need

  5. David Olsson

    Im not a fan of WoW but I would like to see more about Guild Wars 2 🙂

  6. sirchomp

    I don’t know if it’s from the angle of the picture or not, but the Jinyu look absolutely tiny. Nice write-up.

  7. Bryan

    I personally think that it is hilarious that Cataclysm was about saving the world, and now Mists of Pandaria seems to be about destroying a new one. Interesting about the factions as well.

  8. Benjamin

    I would love to have a beta key. I would really appreciate if you gave me one!

  9. poisonman

    Nice article, looking forward to GW2, definitely interested in a key! 😛

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