#54 My Concerns with the New World Bosses

Guess what!? I finished my two term papers! With that out of the way I now have a whole lot less stress and a whole lot of more free time to focus on other things. I have so much free time I can put proper thought into today’s blog post and today I want to discuss the new world bosses in the Mist of Pandaria expansion.

For all those who do not know, world bosses are artifacts of the vanilla WoW, where there were huge raid-worthy demons and dragons that were stationed at high-end questing zones

I am excited for Mist of Pandaria world bosses, the idea that while I go questing I would have to keep an eye out for a giant monster that could crush me with ease is awesome, and imagine how it would feel if you are minding your own business and witnessed ten or more raiders battling a giant beast just over the next hill.

He does not count, he can be killed with two or three level 70's.

But the more I think about the outdoor raids the more I worry about all the problems on the horizon. With these bosses out of instances is that Blizzard will need to look at the difficulty of the fights and the respawn issues of these bosses more closely than any other normal difficulty bosses.


Blizzard always want to keep PvE interesting by designing boss fights that does not just involve tank and spank fights, bringing responsibility to the DPS class as well (look at Omnitron and Baleroc encounters) but those different fights took place in an isolated area. A DPS could focus on standing at a certain place without aggroing roaming monsters, or keeping an eye out for members of enemy faction, I worry that if the world bosses is seriously going to be a part of the raiding progression,difficulties will be too dumb downed (to compensate for any potential external forces in the world) that they will be a joke to defeat. I have seen the fight of Galleon, one of the two world bosses, and if the fight is NOT dumbed down, I worry about the future of raiding  and this is coming from an opportunistic (video found here)

This was the first result when I googled "Galleon". I'm sure it's just Blizzard's concept design, it's going to look sick when they change it out from that derpy looking kodo....

Respawning issues

With the instances a raid group could go in an instance, kill the boss, collect the epic loot, and come back to that place after a week. The week long instance lockout have been in the game since vanilla and acts as a balancing mechanic that stops ambitious players from going on a continuous grinding fest of killing the raid bosses for current tier epics.

For the world boss, it doesn’t look like that these bosses will be on the 7 day respawn, it might look like it will be on a few hour respawn timer,  I only wonder/hope what barriers Blizzard will put in place to stop Gold Farmers and dickish guilds from constantly kill them over and over again  if theses  bosses will drop patch 5.0 gear.

If the Sha of Anger is going to be constantly camped, I might produce enough anger and negative emotions that I might be able to summon my own raid boss Sha.

Don’t let me wrong, I am still looking forward to the World Bosses but I am still going all these concerns in mind when I get into the beta, and while this expansion goes live.

I’m making a prediction right now that something in the first raiding tier of Mist of Pandaria there will be a big controversy that centers around the topic of World Bosses that will need a Blizzard’s response or Blizzard intervention.

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2 responses to “#54 My Concerns with the New World Bosses

  1. Great Post! I’m looking forward to the World Bosses, but yeah i’m also concerned about them. I played Rift and SWTOR and both of them had world bosses, and both of them had issues with the world bosses. So i’m looking forward to how Blizzard will handle it.

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